Tuesday, 12 February 2013

My Worst Valentine's Day...

Valentines is coming up, I thought I'd share with you my worst Valenitnes Day...

I was about 20 (wow, YEARS ago! I feel old now!) And my closest friends were away at uni, I'd met a guy through a friend of mine and somehow we turned seeing each other into a relationship. Looking back I think I was just bored and wanted something to do with my weekends!
He is possibly the ugliest guy you will ever meet, I don't know what I saw in him, I really don't. Really skinny, toothy, and a total chav! He was into cars, VERY into cars, he liked going to 'the cruise' -which I later learnt was a meet up in a car park where petrol heads look at each others pimped-up Ford Fiestas. I will call him Chav Dave... cos that is his name.

At the time I was working at a builders merchants as a temp receptionist, it was incredibly dull but it paid the bills. I always looked forward to the end of the day and this day more-so as good old Chav Dave had arranged to take me to an Italian restaurant in the evening.

 So I spent the day clock watching, I saw a couple of girls get flowers delivered. In my boredom I had gone through an old email account  and discovered one of the bosses was having an affair with a married secretary! That kept me entertained throughout the day when everyone was asking her who her flowers were from and she was lying through her teeth to them all.

Chav Dave had picked me up from work a few times before and he usually called to say he was outside and I'd come down. But 20mins after I'd finished work and pretty much most of the office had gone home, I was still waiting.

 Naturally I tried his phone but it wasn’t connecting. After another 10minutes passed I called his home phone to see if he was there but his mum said he'd left a while ago. Naturally I was a bit pissed off and I wasn't going to sit there all night so I ended up leaving, planning to just go home, put on a film, eat some chocolate and wear in some new shoes -it always cheers me up!

 I got outside and I saw he was sitting in his car in the carpark. I walked over and saw he was on the phone to his mate, chatting about some car show thing he 'had to miss tonight for this valentines thing'. He leans over (still talking on the phone) and unlocks my door, I get in and while he's still on the phone he hands me some manky flowers in some cheap cellophane, obviously bought from a petrol station on his way over. He carries on his conversation as he starts the engine and drives us to the restaurant, loudly telling his mate that he wishes he could come tonight and he'd try and  get there later.

 I wasn't in the best of moods by this point. But I bit my tongue, it would only ruin the night more if I started an argument.

So we get to the restaurant, it starts to get better, cute place, nice food... We order our drinks, mains and deserts which were all part of a set menu....then he sees the price on the menu and moans about how expensive it is and how cheeky it is that they put the price up on Valentines day. This is a guy who works unsociable hours so gets paid a fair bit, never mind the fact that at 23 he still lived at home and only ever spent his money on his cars.

 I said I knew it would be a bit more as it was Valentines Day -that’s what restaurants do! He was clearly annoyed. He muttered to himself that he'd 'missed a car show tonight for this!' At one point he was looking around counting people, I asked what he was doing and he said he was working out how much the restaurant must be making that night! 

We finished and he begrudgingly handed over his card to pay (making a point of not tipping because 'they don’t need it!'). As we were going to the car he said we were now going to catch the rest of the car show. I just wanted to go home but of course there wasn’t time to drop me off so I had to come too.

On the way there we stopped at a petrol station. As he finished putting the petrol in  he made a comment about 'spending MORE money' and walked off to pay. After biting my tongue all night I finally flipped. I went to the cashpoint and got out £70, planning to give it to him to stop the moaning. I got back in the car before he returned and I had a change of heart 
'Why should I have to pay for all this? you've ruined my Valentines Day'.

So we drive to the car thing, it's worse than I imagined, half a dozen cars in a big pub car park with a few chavs standing around having a chat! 

Was going out for dinner with me that much worse than this?! 

More comments are made because we've missed a lot of it and 'there must have been more people here earlier'. We go in and get a drink from the pub. Another comment is made about money and I loose it! I scream and shout and him throwing £70 at him and telling him to stop going on about it coz now I've paid. I made a complete scene. The mood was well and truly ruined now. We finished our drinks, barely talking and he dropped me home. I got in, threw the cheap flowers at the wall and cried. More through frustration than anything else. I can't believe I gave him the money!

He had these mood swings a lot and I guess I was just young and naive so I didn’t realise I should have just left him, but you don’t see these things at the time do you? 

It just makes me appreciate what I have now so much more!

Can anyone top that?

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