Friday, 22 February 2013

Elemis Fresh Skin

Elemis have been clever coming up with a range for young skin, aimed at 16-24 year olds. Opening the door and hoping they will continue using their brand as they get older... cunning!  

It's been made specifically for young skin and they've kept it nice and simple for you by not giving you too much choice and just kept to the basics. It's never nice to get confused by skincare when you're just finding your feet!It's in cute pink packaging, which always makes it more appealing and makes it stand out alongside it's usual white, more mature packaging. 

 There’s no alcohol in any of the formulas. so no stripping away of the skins  natural oils. The ingredients have been selected to cleanse and moisturise and also to prevent future damage. Elemis has a great reputation and you can guaranty you are getting what you pay for.

I tried out a selection from the range. 

Peachy Perfect Face Wash 100ml RRP £12
This has a really fresh scent without it being too overpowering and you only need one of two pumps to clean your face. It's a clear, smooth formula and really light and really gets all the dirt out without being too harsh on your skin. I've been using this for a good few weeks now and it's not even half empty. A little goes a long way so dont be put off by the price.

Softly softly daily moisturiser 50ml £20

This moisturiser has a load of natural ingredients, including english chamomile which is known to calm and tone skin, rosehip seed oil which is high in vitamin A, C and E to promote collagen and elastin. I'm not overly keen on the lavender scent but that's just a personal preference. It's light on the skin but I found it stayed a bit greasy for a little longer than I would have liked. It's fine if you're not planning to put make up on straight afterwards. 

Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm £8

This has a minty scent that reminds me a bit of carmex. I love that it comes in the squeezy tube as I hate getting my nails covered in lip balm when getting it out of a pot. Instantly it felt like my lips were moisturised and it didn’t feel too greasy when it was on. It has passionflower oil and vitamin E, which will both do wonders for moisturising and softening your lips. This has become a permanent addition to my handbag.

Dreamy sleep night time moisturiser 50ml £22 

This is slightly thicker than the day moisturiser which I liked as you get the feeling it's really sinking in as you sleep. Although it's thicker you dont feel clogged up and covered in it which I do find some night creams have done in the past.  It has a nice tingly feeling on the skin as you apply it which is really refreshing and makes you feel like its doing its job the second it's applied.

I really like this range and it's made me keen to try out a lot more from Elemis.

I've also seen that Cosmopolitan Magazine will be giving away a choice of 3 products  from the range in their next issue, so you'll have a great chance to test them for yourself!

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