Monday, 21 January 2013

New Years Resolutions

I’ve decided that this year I’m going to look after myself. I read a post on skin guru Caroline Hirons’ blog and she said  ‘equate your skincare spending to what you would spend on a handbag or shoes. I'm not saying you should - I'm saying you should be willing to. If you would spend more on a bag than your face - you're reading the wrong blog.'

It makes sense! I love my shoes but I can replace them, I’m stuck with my face! I’ve spent years just buying what ever cleanser or face wash is on offer and not really thinking about what I’m putting on my skin. I’ve got this face for life so I might as well look after it. I just hope that at 27 this isn’t too little too late!

I’m left with with pretty bad scarring after a skin problem following an illness a while back. And while I’ve always thought I can live with it, I realised recently that it's the one thing about myself I'm not a fan of.  

So I’m going to invest in some decent skincare. I've started doing a bit of research but If anyone has any recommendations then let me know! I’ll do a post at some point to see how I’m getting on.

Tying in with the skin care is the health side of things. My water intake is poor, my doctors are always telling me off for it! So I’m going to start trying a little bit harder. I know it will do me the world of good.

Since having M, I’ve lost a lot of weight and am the smallest I have ever been. I was a size 10 before I got pregnant and I didn’t really gain a lot of baby weight. I didn’t expect to go back to 'normal' again quite so quickly, let alone go down a dress size or two. I always liked having curves and it suited me, so being slimmer has really taken some getting used to. 

It did bother me quite a bit at first and putting on weight is a lot harder than you think, especially with a baby to run around after! So I’ve decided to just go with it, rather than letting it get to me when people tell me I’m too skinny (which by the way, is still an insult, however you look at it!) I’ve decided I’m just going to make myself stronger. So I’m doing a few toning excercises and making myself generally more muscular and strong. I’m going to look into doing a bit of Yoga and Pilates which will give me a bit of time to relax too which is always nice!

I got a  fitbit for Christmas, you clip it to your clothes and it tracks your steps and you can link it to your iphone and log how many calories you eat too. It’s quite good at keeping track of what im eating and drinking and it’s really made me more aware of what I'm doing wrong. As I’ve been eating on the run I basically shove a few biscuits in my mouth and down a cup of tea when I'm wearing my rollers so I didn't realise that I was generally living on biscuits and caffeine! So it’s making me eat a lot healthier by making me aware of what I'm actually eating.

In the past I’ve not really stuck to my new years resolutions -2009’s being to see 'Wicked' and to finally try thai food and I still havent done either. But hopefully I can try and stick to these!

Watch this space!

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