Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Favourite Shoes

I've always been known as the 'girl in the shoes'. 

No matter what the weather is like I'm always in heels. I actually walk much better in them. I trip over in flats! I used to do 10 hour shifts on my feet and I wore heels all day, every day -it did wonders for my calf muscles! 

I've worn heels for so long that my feet hurt in flats. I'm sure when I'm old I'm going to have some serious problems! I have the opposite problem to most people, where most girls love the feeling of taking off heels after a long day I'm the opposite, If I'm bare foot or in flats for too long I have to put on some heels, not always stupidly high ones but my feet need to be pointed to some degree for me to be comfortable. Some days it's great, I can survive much longer than my friends on a night out, but when I want to wear something casual, it's hard to put heels with it without it looking overdressed.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of my favourites.

These are my T-Bar Mary Janes with a square toe. They were from ASOS a few years back. They look lovely with a pencil skirt.

These are my go-to pair. Simple Kurt Geiger Suede platforms. They are quite Louboutin-esque, they're timeless and they go with everything.

These are from Office. They have zips all over them and are satin. They did them in denim too and I struggled to choose between them. So much so I think I really began to annoy the sales assistant! But I decided black was the more sensible option. They are more of a statement shoe but believe it or not they are really comfortable!

These patent platforms are from Topshop and I have worn them both to death! I got them in 2 colours. I really wanted the coral but they were out of stock for ages and I couldn't wait so I bought the cream ones to tide me over. They are really soft and the platform really makes all the difference. When these finally die I'm going to really struggle throwing them out!

Everyone needs a pair of nude peep-toes and mine are a patent pair from Aldo. They really lengthen the leg and again, the platform makes them so comfortable.

These red ones are from River Island. The arty pic if from a shoot I did when I worked at a photo studio. It's taken by a really talented photographer friend of mine, Karis (@mcsnaps2012) I'm not a fan of getting my face in pictures, but my shoes, I'll jump at the chance!

Doing this post has really reminded me of some shoes I haven't worn in ages, I just need to snow to go and I can get some out of their boxes!


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  2. he he - fun pictures :)

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  3. I think the KG ones are my favourites!