Friday, 14 December 2012

Who the f*ck is Alice?

A friend of mine had a job interview the other day and was asked the question ‘which book do you relate to? Which best represents you?’ I’m glad it wasn’t’ me in there, it would have thrown me completely. Apparently it’s a rather dated interview question. But it got me thinking.

After pondering over some of the books I’ve read over the years, Bridget Jones’s Diary –nope, that just screams ‘crazy cat lady’. ‘Things me and my girlfriend have argued about’ -that just makes me sound like I have a dysfunctional relationship. If I mention anything by Shakespeare they wouldn’t believe me (but honestly I love  A Midsummer Nights Dream) umm.. I quite enjoyed Peter Kays’ autobiography…?

I decided to go with my favourite book ‘Alice’s adventures in wonderland’ It was obvious really. Alice has that curiosity that I love. She just goes for it, doesn’t think of the consequences. Though slightly judgemental at times, she gives things a go. Sometimes she rushes in without thinking and that’s what often ‘leads her to trouble’. She gets tempted just by reading the words ‘eat me’, drink me’, ‘this’ way’, ‘that way’. Her innocence and naivety is something every young girl goes through. Suddenly out in the big wide world on her own with so many choices to make.

 For something written in the 1800’s it’s something we can all relate too. I love the imagination, it’s crazy and all seems a bit like nonsense but if you think about it, it all makes sense. Haven’t we all ‘fallen down the rabbit hole’ and landed ourselves in trouble just because we followed the crowd? (or the white rabbit… if you catch my drift?) Surely we’ve all taken bad advice from a caterpillar in our lifetime? 

Everyone knows that angry Queen of Hearts. Someone you don’t dare piss off or it’s 'off with your head'. She’ll get her own way, doing whatever’s necessary to make sure she gets exactly what she wants. She doesn’t care who she steps on on her way up. Most people tip-toe around her but not Alice. She doesn’t take her crap. She says exactly what she thinks, which may not please everyone, but its her views and its her right to put them across. Again, this is also something that leads her to trouble.

I’ve ended up at many Mad Hatters tea parties. Those parties where you’re not quite sure why you’re there, not even sure if you like what’s going on, but you give it a go and you find out you are actually enjoying doing something a little bit different for a change. The Mad Hatter himself is that guy that seems a little weird, maybe a bit misunderstood, but you know who he is deep down, and even if others don’t, you give him a chance. 

I love her innocence; I love how every moment is different, because she’s been curious enough to give it a chance. You wouldn’t see Alice doing a boring repetitive job, no not our Alice, she needs to be kept on her toes otherwise her mind wanders…

I think we should all be a little more like Alice.

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