Tuesday, 18 December 2012

St Moriz

The lovely people at St Moriz sent me a few of their goodies to try out.

I’d heard a few things about this tan a while back. But I’d always thought to myself ‘it’s so cheap, it cant be good. Well I was wrong!

The first I tried was the Instant self tanning mist.
When you spray it, you can see exactly where it goes on so you don’t end up going over the same area twice, it’s a really nice colour when its developing, one thing I dislike avout some tans is that you look like an oompa loompa when you first put it on, but if you wanted you could go out in this one.

I’d recommend putting a towel down so it doesn’t make a mess on the carpet as the spray does go quite far. I also used a mit to apply and it went on evenly and smoothly. The smell is actually quite nice too, not as bad as a lot of fake tans.

I put it on in the afternoon and washed it off the next morning. The colour afterwards was really nice and natural.

This was my pasty leg before...

and this was after...

Their mousse was really easy to use, and something I’m more familiar with, I find mousses easier to manage. This was their dark instant self tanning mousse. This one went on really well and was slightly tinted so you could see where you were putting it on. It left my legs feeling really smooth too and dried quickly. Like the spray it left my legs a lovely base colour just after applying (though possibly got a little too dark as it developed so I wouldn’t recommend wearing this one out as it develops) and when I washed it off the next morning it was a lovely golden colour.

If you want a fake tan and don’t want to break the bank I’d definitely recommend this!

You can get st moriz pretty much everywhere and it ranges from about £3-£5 AMAZING!

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