Monday, 6 August 2012

So, I'm becoming a mum...

Yep, we all know in a few weeks I’m going to be a mummy. Scary huh? But as life changing as it is, I just want to let you all know a few things…

I will not:

Update my Facebook with only pictures of my child. It is my page, so it is about me. Yes, they are a part of me, but it’s me you added to your friend list, not him. And do you really care that he just did a massive poo?

Bring my child with me everywhere. I want you all to appreciate him when he’s there, not get sick of seeing him. A couple of hours away from me are not going to do him any harm.

Talk only about my child. I have a life too, and if the only thing I have to talk about is my kid, I’ve done something seriously wrong.

Dress any different –unless I put on a ridiculous amount of weight in the last few weeks I have left, I will still be wearing my body cons on nights out, and skinny jeans, boob tubes and heels in the day, You wont see me in anything ‘mumsy’

Use my child as an excuse. If I don’t want to do something, I will say.

Get defensive if you question my choices, if it’s something I’ve learnt so far it’s that everyone’s different. My way may be different to yours, it might be better, it might not be, but I’m not going to judge.

Listen to every bit of advice. Again, everyone’s different, I’ll take it on the chin. I started listening to so many different things and I just got confused. I’ll do what feels right for me.

Change my life completely. Yes I’m a mum, but I’m still me. I won’t be locked up indoors all the time watching C-bloody-beebies every hour of every day.

Carry on life as I did before I had him. Obviously I have a person to look after now, if my life doesn’t adapt a bit, then I’m going to be a terrible mother.

Keep him to myself. I want to make sure I give him time alone with his dad. He’s going to be brilliant and I want him to enjoy quality time with him. It’ll do all of us some good.

Let him control my time spent with you. Travel cots exist for a reason, if I’m at yours with him, I won’t leave when he says so, I will work with what I’ve got. I appreciate the friendships I’ve built over the years, I’m not going to ruin then. I’ll give you the same attention as I did before.

I’m sure many mums are thinking ‘yea, we’ll see’ and I’ve more than likely pissed people off (again) but these are my thoughts and I’m going to try my damn hardest to stick to this!

In the meantime, I’m going to freak out about the labour and prepare for the scary but ever SO exciting big day!

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