Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

I'd always been wary of sprays that claim to give you beachy hair. My hair is naturally curly and I thought 'what can it do that water can't?' Well there's something in the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray that has made me change my mind altogether. It doesn't just make the hair 'beachy' it makes it soft, it makes it smell nice and smooths out frizz too. 

I used mine on dry hair and just scrunched it a bit. I think if you had dead straight hair you might need to get a diffuser on it for some help. The results were instant and I was really impressed. It really gave the illusion of the holiday hair you get after a day at the beach. 

I'd definitely take this on holiday with me to spray in my hair after getting out of the pool. There are a lot of sprays like this on the market and in my experience they make your hair dry and crunchy, this one doesn't at all, you can run your fingers through it without your hand getting stuck! (I hate that!). Though the more you leave it alone, the longer it will last, so try and resist a little bit! 

It holds the hair too, So you have natural beachy waves, without the frizz and without having to even leave the house. 

It's well worth the money and nice and the packaging isn't too bulky so it's perfect for throwing in your beach bag to sort out windswept hair! Now let's just hope that the sun stays for a while! 

bumble and bumble surf spray is £19.50 for 125ml. You can purchase it in lots of stores including Space NK and Selfridges. 

Friday, 10 August 2012

Boux Avenue

Is it just me or does everyone seem to be getting married at the moment? I’ve always been told that when you get to a certain age there’s a wedding every week. Well I’m at that age and I had a wedding to attend last weekend. I’d bought a dress that was backless without really thinking of what to wear underneath. With larger-than-average breasts going braless is not an option and wearing a normal bra underneath wouldn’t look right. 

Luckily Boux Avenue came to my rescue. The sent me their backless strapless bra and unlike many others on the market, this one fastened on to the sides of the body and also had a detachable halter neck for extra support. It also came with spare tape so you can reuse it, and you can buy more tape in store if you need to. It held all day and I barely noticed it was there. Other bras I’ve tried have tended to feel like they are pulling me down a bit, but this was lightweight and the fact that it held you at the sides really helped. 

It’s available in sizes 32A to 38D in nude or black and is £22. They also a do a version with added ‘boost’ for an extra £2. As it didn’t budge all day it was a little uncomfortable pulling the tape off at the end of the night, but that just shows how well it stays on, and getting some warm water involved would have got rid of any discomfort, but after a long day I was feeling lazy. 

Boux Avenue is a really nice addition to the high street. It’s like a more up market La Senza with really reasonable prices and a larger size range (A –H cup). 

Stock is arranged by size in drawers so there’s no rummaging through untidy piles of knickers! 

They really have thought of everything when it comes to the fitting rooms, rather than nervously peering around a curtain looking for an attendant to help, there’s a discreet intercom which links you to the concierge desk where you can ask for assistance with sizing without leaving the fitting room. And of course they are all fully trained to fit you free of charge so you are sure to go away with a bra that fits you perfectly. Another feature that is brilliant is the different light settings in the fitting rooms, so you can see how gorgeous your lingerie looks in different lights. 

All full priced purchases come beautifully gift-wrapped and sprinkled with scented petals. Boys , you cant go wrong buying underwear here! Go and treat your girlfriend and get in the good books! 

You’ll find Boux Avenue in most of the big shopping centres such as Meadowhall, Bluewater, Westfield White City, Lakeside, and the Trafford Centre. They have 12 stores in total so have a 
look at their store locator at to find which is nearest you.

Monday, 6 August 2012

So, I'm becoming a mum...

Yep, we all know in a few weeks I’m going to be a mummy. Scary huh? But as life changing as it is, I just want to let you all know a few things…

I will not:

Update my Facebook with only pictures of my child. It is my page, so it is about me. Yes, they are a part of me, but it’s me you added to your friend list, not him. And do you really care that he just did a massive poo?

Bring my child with me everywhere. I want you all to appreciate him when he’s there, not get sick of seeing him. A couple of hours away from me are not going to do him any harm.

Talk only about my child. I have a life too, and if the only thing I have to talk about is my kid, I’ve done something seriously wrong.

Dress any different –unless I put on a ridiculous amount of weight in the last few weeks I have left, I will still be wearing my body cons on nights out, and skinny jeans, boob tubes and heels in the day, You wont see me in anything ‘mumsy’

Use my child as an excuse. If I don’t want to do something, I will say.

Get defensive if you question my choices, if it’s something I’ve learnt so far it’s that everyone’s different. My way may be different to yours, it might be better, it might not be, but I’m not going to judge.

Listen to every bit of advice. Again, everyone’s different, I’ll take it on the chin. I started listening to so many different things and I just got confused. I’ll do what feels right for me.

Change my life completely. Yes I’m a mum, but I’m still me. I won’t be locked up indoors all the time watching C-bloody-beebies every hour of every day.

Carry on life as I did before I had him. Obviously I have a person to look after now, if my life doesn’t adapt a bit, then I’m going to be a terrible mother.

Keep him to myself. I want to make sure I give him time alone with his dad. He’s going to be brilliant and I want him to enjoy quality time with him. It’ll do all of us some good.

Let him control my time spent with you. Travel cots exist for a reason, if I’m at yours with him, I won’t leave when he says so, I will work with what I’ve got. I appreciate the friendships I’ve built over the years, I’m not going to ruin then. I’ll give you the same attention as I did before.

I’m sure many mums are thinking ‘yea, we’ll see’ and I’ve more than likely pissed people off (again) but these are my thoughts and I’m going to try my damn hardest to stick to this!

In the meantime, I’m going to freak out about the labour and prepare for the scary but ever SO exciting big day!