Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Little White Lie

Cast your mind back to a couple of weeks ago, there was this big orange thing in the sky? Remember that? Ahh memories. I think that may have been what us British call our Summer. Now that has been replaced by clouds and rain, my legs have also gone from having a lovely healthy glow to milk bottles again. I was in need of some help.

Luckily I was recently sent the new tanning range from Make Believe. It’s their sister-brand Little White Lie –which is an excellent name for a tan, if you ask me!

So my pins were in for a treat. Yesterday morning I used their exfoliator in the shower, it was really thick, and actually felt like it was doing its job without being too rough. It also smelt of porridge, which some of you might not like but I loved! And perfect as it was breakfast time…

After making sure my legs were scale-free I applied their ‘Darker’ tanning lotion to my tanning mit. I was slightly concerned that it looked like a melted bar of Cadburys, but I needn’t have worried, once it was smoothed on it was a nice subtle colour and the fact it has bronzer in it helps you see where you’ve applied. It has argan oil in it so it left my legs very smooth indeed. Even my boyfriend commented how smooth they were, which must mean something!

I left it on all day and washed it off this morning and my legs are a lovely golden colour and still really smooth. It’s not as dark as I expected and I might be tempted to do another layer to see how dark it can get, but for a hint of colour it’s lovely.

The exfoliator is £7.50 for 100ml and the tanning lotion £15 for 125ml. You can purchase this range at ASOS, Superdrug and Boots

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