Tuesday, 18 December 2012

St Moriz

The lovely people at St Moriz sent me a few of their goodies to try out.

I’d heard a few things about this tan a while back. But I’d always thought to myself ‘it’s so cheap, it cant be good. Well I was wrong!

The first I tried was the Instant self tanning mist.
When you spray it, you can see exactly where it goes on so you don’t end up going over the same area twice, it’s a really nice colour when its developing, one thing I dislike avout some tans is that you look like an oompa loompa when you first put it on, but if you wanted you could go out in this one.

I’d recommend putting a towel down so it doesn’t make a mess on the carpet as the spray does go quite far. I also used a mit to apply and it went on evenly and smoothly. The smell is actually quite nice too, not as bad as a lot of fake tans.

I put it on in the afternoon and washed it off the next morning. The colour afterwards was really nice and natural.

This was my pasty leg before...

and this was after...

Their mousse was really easy to use, and something I’m more familiar with, I find mousses easier to manage. This was their dark instant self tanning mousse. This one went on really well and was slightly tinted so you could see where you were putting it on. It left my legs feeling really smooth too and dried quickly. Like the spray it left my legs a lovely base colour just after applying (though possibly got a little too dark as it developed so I wouldn’t recommend wearing this one out as it develops) and when I washed it off the next morning it was a lovely golden colour.

If you want a fake tan and don’t want to break the bank I’d definitely recommend this!

You can get st moriz pretty much everywhere and it ranges from about £3-£5 AMAZING!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Who the f*ck is Alice?

A friend of mine had a job interview the other day and was asked the question ‘which book do you relate to? Which best represents you?’ I’m glad it wasn’t’ me in there, it would have thrown me completely. Apparently it’s a rather dated interview question. But it got me thinking.

After pondering over some of the books I’ve read over the years, Bridget Jones’s Diary –nope, that just screams ‘crazy cat lady’. ‘Things me and my girlfriend have argued about’ -that just makes me sound like I have a dysfunctional relationship. If I mention anything by Shakespeare they wouldn’t believe me (but honestly I love  A Midsummer Nights Dream) umm.. I quite enjoyed Peter Kays’ autobiography…?

I decided to go with my favourite book ‘Alice’s adventures in wonderland’ It was obvious really. Alice has that curiosity that I love. She just goes for it, doesn’t think of the consequences. Though slightly judgemental at times, she gives things a go. Sometimes she rushes in without thinking and that’s what often ‘leads her to trouble’. She gets tempted just by reading the words ‘eat me’, drink me’, ‘this’ way’, ‘that way’. Her innocence and naivety is something every young girl goes through. Suddenly out in the big wide world on her own with so many choices to make.

 For something written in the 1800’s it’s something we can all relate too. I love the imagination, it’s crazy and all seems a bit like nonsense but if you think about it, it all makes sense. Haven’t we all ‘fallen down the rabbit hole’ and landed ourselves in trouble just because we followed the crowd? (or the white rabbit… if you catch my drift?) Surely we’ve all taken bad advice from a caterpillar in our lifetime? 

Everyone knows that angry Queen of Hearts. Someone you don’t dare piss off or it’s 'off with your head'. She’ll get her own way, doing whatever’s necessary to make sure she gets exactly what she wants. She doesn’t care who she steps on on her way up. Most people tip-toe around her but not Alice. She doesn’t take her crap. She says exactly what she thinks, which may not please everyone, but its her views and its her right to put them across. Again, this is also something that leads her to trouble.

I’ve ended up at many Mad Hatters tea parties. Those parties where you’re not quite sure why you’re there, not even sure if you like what’s going on, but you give it a go and you find out you are actually enjoying doing something a little bit different for a change. The Mad Hatter himself is that guy that seems a little weird, maybe a bit misunderstood, but you know who he is deep down, and even if others don’t, you give him a chance. 

I love her innocence; I love how every moment is different, because she’s been curious enough to give it a chance. You wouldn’t see Alice doing a boring repetitive job, no not our Alice, she needs to be kept on her toes otherwise her mind wanders…

I think we should all be a little more like Alice.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How to keep your girlfriend

Over the years I've had my fair share of absolute weirdo's. So I'm using my experience to bring you a few tips and share some horror stories!

-Don't act all cray

I once dated a guy who was was heavily into weed, at first it seemed like a casual hobby, but it kind of took over, he got kind of.. well, WEIRD! (drugs are indeed bad, kids!) He had to move out of his flat and lived with me while he looked for somewhere and that's where it really started to go downhill. He hated me going anywhere without him, and it got worse and worse, it got to a stage where I couldn't text anyone without him going mad. The noise of my phone going off used to send fear right through me. When I did go out I always had a change of clothes with me cos he wouldn't let me out of the house 'looking like such a slut' He used to get so angry and aggressive, it got to the point where it was easier to do as he wanted rather than fight it. He'd start off going down the 'poor me' route "I really miss you when you're gone please stay" but when that wouldn't work he'd get angry. 

He shook me awake one night when he'd gone through my phone and saw a text from Martin the part timer at work who had asked me what shift he was on that week, clearly this was him coming on to me and I shouldn't see him again. 

At one point he asked me not to go out and when I said I was going, he held a blade to his wrist and said "If you go, I'll do it" I laughed and said "don't be ridiculous" and went to walk out. Then he started slashing his wrists! It was surreal. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Was like something out of a film. He stopped me going out, he cancelled my internet connection so I couldn't talk to anyone, he smashed up my phone. After many many scary arguments and slowly realizing my life was getting worse and worse I eventually threw him out and never spoke to him again. Clearly this guy needed help and I would say I hope he got the help he needed but he really messed me up for a long long time.

-Don't get Jel

Another guy had terrible mood swings. He'd use his ex to make me feel crap and insecure. He'd drag me to the 'cruise' and other boring car things, mainly as he didn't have any friends to go with. He hated the relationship I had with my own friends, we had something he didn't and he couldn't handle it. He hated hearing anyone give me praise, any payrise or promotion just wasn't worth mentioning to him, it would only wind him up. He hated anyone more successful than him. 

I once told him I was booking a holiday with the girls and he said if I did he'd go away with his ex, as she was still sniffing around him and this was the one bit of ammo he had. 

He tried convincing me that my friends weren't good enough for me but when he realised I would never believe that he stated telling me I was a bad friend to them. As my self esteem had disappeared, this I believed. So I drifted apart from them. Any time I tried saying "this isn't working" he would tell me that, without him "I'd have nothing" and at the time it seemed true. He had one by one stopped me seeing pretty much everyone I knew. So I was stuck. Eventually I saw the light. I didn't need him. And when we broke up he was on the phone to me crying and saying he was sorry and that I could talk to who ever I wanted, he even offered to buy me a flat! -now who had nothing?! I ignored him, it was all too little, too late. 

-Get out of the Routine

You need to keep things interesting, in every way. It's true that if you're not doing it for her, she'll soon find someone who will. 

I got into a routine with one guy that was basically Work, Neighbours, Simpsons, Holloaks, Dinner, Bed, Repeat. On a Friday I was treated to a Dominos margarita to spice things up. Needless to say I moved on pretty sharpish. I needed someone less cheese and tomato and more Spanish sizzler if you catch my drift...

-Make effort with the Friends and Family

If you're serious about them, you need to be serious about everything that comes with them. What is Barbie without her accessories? Her friends and family are what makes her who she is. So take an interest. It will make things a hell of a lot easier in the long run, trust me. Even if her brother is a bit of a knob or her best friend is a bit of a headcase. They are who she'll go to if you have an argument and if they already think the world of you, you have some people on your side and will talk some sense into her when she's acting all crazy. You need these people on your team! They basically will do the hard work for you and tell her how brilliant you are and all you have to do is buy her some flowers, tell her to forget it and bobs your uncle, she's back in your arms.

-Take the Hint

You may have seen the film, I personally hate it but it's true, sometimes you know they're 'just not that into you' In my younger, more naive years I was seeing a guy who was engaged, naughty I know but I didn't want anything serious. But while I saw it as some fun, he decided I was better for him than she was and he left her for me. Great, not only had the initial fun and excitement been sucked out of it all, he was now getting so full on. He was always talking about marriage, living together and family holidays. One of his quotes was "come live with me, and you'll be financially secure forever" scary stuff. 

I tried giving him hints that it wasn't working. When he asked me to be his girlfriend and I told him it was too soon, and when ever he suggested dates I'd say 'we'll see' -basically I only saw him when I had nothing better to do! I stopped finding him attractive and I lost interest, it was a big old mess.

-Don't be jekyl and hyde

We all know the scene in Grease right? "Wheres the Danny I met at the beach?!" 

Right picture the scene, you're one of the lads, your life is simple, you work all week, you go out on a Friday night to the same bar every time, drink pints, do shots, take the piss out of each other, perve on women, throw up in the gutter. But then you meet this girl, you love her to bits, she's your world and you want her to be part of your life, but you don't want to leave that life behind. The simple option is to bring her along too right? You can act the same when shes there right? WRONG 

I know you want you impress your friends but when you guys are kind, lovely, adorable gentleman when we're alone but a complete dick to us in front of your friends, it's not going to go down well. You may not realise you're doing it, but believe me she does. Those nights when you're all out and she's sitting in the corner with the face on playing with her phone, its because you just told her she looked like jabba the hut to get a reaction out of your boys. They found it funny, she didn't. 

Your girlfriend knows you as the cuddly type who uses silly voices, plays around, occasionally paints her nails for her and treats her like a princess, she's going to have a shock if she sees this side of you and she'll wonder which one is the act. 

Be nice, your mates wont judge you for it, if they do they need to get used to the fact that you love this girl. They need to grow up. I'm not saying give up 'being a lad' completely, but think before you show off, ok. How do you want the night to end? A big embarrassing argument in the street all the way home, or a night of passion, waking up to a bacon sandwich and a text from your mate saying 'your bird, she's great. Well done mate' 

And after learning all these key facts, you need to remember my final and possibly most important point...

- Don't be Too nice

Now this is a tricky one, it's hard to get the right balance. Every girl wants a guy to treat her right, even if they're after 'the bad boy' but Billy Joe was right -'nice guys finish last'. Stand your ground, don't let her walk all over you, she'll respect you for it. 

I had completely lost interest in my ex and rather than being a big girl and just talking to him about it, I chose the easy option, I worked more, I went out more, then I stayed out more. I became really distant, I began talking to other guys on the phone in front of him, I used our joint account to buy dinner for me and another guy, I started coming home the next day in another guys shirt, and not once did he ask me where I'd been. I wanted (and expected!) some sort of reaction. I had lost so much respect for him. He was letting me walk all over him. A bit of jealousy is a good thing, it shows you care. Eventually I told him there was someone else and when he told me he already knew I was positive I'd made the right choice. He'd been happy enough going along with it all for an easy life. What kind of man lets a girl do that? 

So I reckon if guys followed these simple steps, the world would be a nicer place

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray

I'd always been wary of sprays that claim to give you beachy hair. My hair is naturally curly and I thought 'what can it do that water can't?' Well there's something in the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray that has made me change my mind altogether. It doesn't just make the hair 'beachy' it makes it soft, it makes it smell nice and smooths out frizz too. 

I used mine on dry hair and just scrunched it a bit. I think if you had dead straight hair you might need to get a diffuser on it for some help. The results were instant and I was really impressed. It really gave the illusion of the holiday hair you get after a day at the beach. 

I'd definitely take this on holiday with me to spray in my hair after getting out of the pool. There are a lot of sprays like this on the market and in my experience they make your hair dry and crunchy, this one doesn't at all, you can run your fingers through it without your hand getting stuck! (I hate that!). Though the more you leave it alone, the longer it will last, so try and resist a little bit! 

It holds the hair too, So you have natural beachy waves, without the frizz and without having to even leave the house. 

It's well worth the money and nice and the packaging isn't too bulky so it's perfect for throwing in your beach bag to sort out windswept hair! Now let's just hope that the sun stays for a while! 

bumble and bumble surf spray is £19.50 for 125ml. You can purchase it in lots of stores including Space NK and Selfridges. 

Friday, 10 August 2012

Boux Avenue

Is it just me or does everyone seem to be getting married at the moment? I’ve always been told that when you get to a certain age there’s a wedding every week. Well I’m at that age and I had a wedding to attend last weekend. I’d bought a dress that was backless without really thinking of what to wear underneath. With larger-than-average breasts going braless is not an option and wearing a normal bra underneath wouldn’t look right. 

Luckily Boux Avenue came to my rescue. The sent me their backless strapless bra and unlike many others on the market, this one fastened on to the sides of the body and also had a detachable halter neck for extra support. It also came with spare tape so you can reuse it, and you can buy more tape in store if you need to. It held all day and I barely noticed it was there. Other bras I’ve tried have tended to feel like they are pulling me down a bit, but this was lightweight and the fact that it held you at the sides really helped. 

It’s available in sizes 32A to 38D in nude or black and is £22. They also a do a version with added ‘boost’ for an extra £2. As it didn’t budge all day it was a little uncomfortable pulling the tape off at the end of the night, but that just shows how well it stays on, and getting some warm water involved would have got rid of any discomfort, but after a long day I was feeling lazy. 

Boux Avenue is a really nice addition to the high street. It’s like a more up market La Senza with really reasonable prices and a larger size range (A –H cup). 

Stock is arranged by size in drawers so there’s no rummaging through untidy piles of knickers! 

They really have thought of everything when it comes to the fitting rooms, rather than nervously peering around a curtain looking for an attendant to help, there’s a discreet intercom which links you to the concierge desk where you can ask for assistance with sizing without leaving the fitting room. And of course they are all fully trained to fit you free of charge so you are sure to go away with a bra that fits you perfectly. Another feature that is brilliant is the different light settings in the fitting rooms, so you can see how gorgeous your lingerie looks in different lights. 

All full priced purchases come beautifully gift-wrapped and sprinkled with scented petals. Boys , you cant go wrong buying underwear here! Go and treat your girlfriend and get in the good books! 

You’ll find Boux Avenue in most of the big shopping centres such as Meadowhall, Bluewater, Westfield White City, Lakeside, and the Trafford Centre. They have 12 stores in total so have a 
look at their store locator at bouxavenue.com to find which is nearest you.

Monday, 6 August 2012

So, I'm becoming a mum...

Yep, we all know in a few weeks I’m going to be a mummy. Scary huh? But as life changing as it is, I just want to let you all know a few things…

I will not:

Update my Facebook with only pictures of my child. It is my page, so it is about me. Yes, they are a part of me, but it’s me you added to your friend list, not him. And do you really care that he just did a massive poo?

Bring my child with me everywhere. I want you all to appreciate him when he’s there, not get sick of seeing him. A couple of hours away from me are not going to do him any harm.

Talk only about my child. I have a life too, and if the only thing I have to talk about is my kid, I’ve done something seriously wrong.

Dress any different –unless I put on a ridiculous amount of weight in the last few weeks I have left, I will still be wearing my body cons on nights out, and skinny jeans, boob tubes and heels in the day, You wont see me in anything ‘mumsy’

Use my child as an excuse. If I don’t want to do something, I will say.

Get defensive if you question my choices, if it’s something I’ve learnt so far it’s that everyone’s different. My way may be different to yours, it might be better, it might not be, but I’m not going to judge.

Listen to every bit of advice. Again, everyone’s different, I’ll take it on the chin. I started listening to so many different things and I just got confused. I’ll do what feels right for me.

Change my life completely. Yes I’m a mum, but I’m still me. I won’t be locked up indoors all the time watching C-bloody-beebies every hour of every day.

Carry on life as I did before I had him. Obviously I have a person to look after now, if my life doesn’t adapt a bit, then I’m going to be a terrible mother.

Keep him to myself. I want to make sure I give him time alone with his dad. He’s going to be brilliant and I want him to enjoy quality time with him. It’ll do all of us some good.

Let him control my time spent with you. Travel cots exist for a reason, if I’m at yours with him, I won’t leave when he says so, I will work with what I’ve got. I appreciate the friendships I’ve built over the years, I’m not going to ruin then. I’ll give you the same attention as I did before.

I’m sure many mums are thinking ‘yea, we’ll see’ and I’ve more than likely pissed people off (again) but these are my thoughts and I’m going to try my damn hardest to stick to this!

In the meantime, I’m going to freak out about the labour and prepare for the scary but ever SO exciting big day!

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Naked Skincare

I am a sucker for good packaging, so what first attracted me to the Naked Skincare range was the lid, it has 2 little buttons on the top that open and close the bottle. Much easier to manage in a steamy shower than your usual shower gels and facewashes with a flip-lid! 

Their brand is 97% natural so is really kind to your skin. It's also vegetarian and vegan friendly, they rightly describe their products as 'complete goodness in a bottle.' 

I tried out the Bare Faced Cheek Softening Face wash. It lathers up really nicely, it feels creamy rather than foamy and feels like it's really getting in there to give your face a good clean. You don't need to use a lot of it and it's a fairly large bottle so it's definite value for money. It smells really nice too. 

I've also been using the Perfect Getaway Cream Cleanser Every night. It removed my make-up perfectly, and to make this fair I used it on my boyfriend (who obviously doesn't wear make-up but does get the tube everyday) and it removed traces of dirt we didn't even notice was there. It really does get off every trace of anything mucky! With aloe vera and cocoa butter it's definitely soothing after a long day. 

I've used the cleanser every night and the face wash in the morning for the last week and have definitely noticed results. My skin feels much fresher. 

I'm looking forward to trying out Naked for Kids and Mini Naked products when the baby gets here. They've got some fruity looking bubble baths which look like they will smell delicious! 

Both products are £4.49 and you can get the Naked range in Boots and Superdrug.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Loving to hate

I was sitting on my sofa the other night, munching on Malteasers, casually watching tv, finding myself getting all worked up about how many idiots there were in the world. I was thinking ‘where do they find these people’ ‘I hate them all!’ but most importantly… ‘Why am I watching this?’ This occurs night after night, it’s like an addiction, the addiction that is Big Brother. Throughout the programme I’m tweeting my disgust for Lydia, my hatred for anyone who says they want to go home, and how crap Scotts hair is looking. Basically if I didn’t love Malteasers so much they’d be thrown at the tv! And I’m not the only one, it seems to be something that is catching on. Everyone who is tweeting about it is commenting on something they hate about it. I honestly dislike 90% of the people on the show and more often than not, after the hour of attention seeking has finished, I find myself just annoyed and irritated at the world.

Why do I do it to myself?

Like 200,000-odd others I follow heatworld on twitter, and I spend a lot of my time thinking ‘NOBODY CARES!’ to the stuff they tweet. Josie Gibson, winner of Big Brother a few years ago has a new beach body! Really, Heat Magazine? Does anyone really want to know?… well yes, it seems.  I find a lot of what they say incredibly annoying, the way they get overly excited when they are stood in the cold at a premier (you’re journalists and work for one of the biggest gossip mags in the country, surely you’re used to this by now?!) But yet, only yesterday I found myself sitting in the park after handing over my £1.65 for 130 pages of  Z-list CRAP.
I could easily click unfollow and it will all go away, no more boring tweets about Michelle Heaton’s baby weight, or Joey Essex’s love life. I could easily spend that £1.65 on something I actually need…like Malteasers. But I just can’t do it.

Facebook is another one. I hate it, I really do. I hate being constantly reminded of people I used to know and don’t speak to anymore. There’s a reason we lost touch so why do I need to see what their baby did today?
But have I deleted my account? Course not. I have tried limiting my friend list to just people I talk to in real life but even then it still drives me mad. What is this generation’s fascination with sharing? (that’s a whole other blog entry entirely…) I describe Facebook like going to the fridge when you’re skint and hungry, you open it over and over again, but there’s still nothing there worth your time. But the fact that I still log into Zuckerberg’s masterpiece everyday must mean something.

Maybe I like having something to moan about? On some level maybe it makes me feel better about my life.  Maybe it’s a case of schadenfreude, I just like seeing things go wrong for others. So I continue with this addiction on the off-chance something great happens, I just don’t want to miss out!

I’d like to think we all do it, I hear people moaning about the tabloids every day. Yet these papers are still very big names, even after all the scandals. I see people expressing their hatred for the Daily mail, yet tweeting their articles constantly. It’s just the stuff we love to hate. These companies know what they’re doing, they don’t care if we like them or not, as long as we’re still making them money.

I hate Bluewater, but I still go.  I hate the tube, but I’m on the northern line on a regular basis and honestly if someone took it away I’d cry. It’s even the same with food chains,  ‘All you can eat Chinese for £4?! Wow it’s going to be delicious!’ A couple of hours later and I’m rolling around moaning about a stomach ache that I just cant understand. I’ll moan about the place to anyone who will listen but give it a month or 2, and I’ll be back, and I’ll be appalled that they’ve had the cheek to put it up for £4.50!

Recently I went into McDonalds, I wasn’t even hungover so I had no excuse. But even though I know their food isn’t exactly like going to the Savoy, I went in to get a burger. Each time I have high expectations. ‘This is going to be the one , the burger of burgers. I’ll never pay £15 for a burger in a gastro-pub again!’ And I’m greeted by a battered box of grease and some sorry looking lettuce. I sit down and moan about how miserable the person serving me was, the ‘types of people who love this stuff’ and how I’m surrounded by cretins. I’m telling myself I’ll never grace the golden arches again, but not before saying ‘shall we get a Mcflurry for the road…?’