Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I got sent one of my favourite mascaras today. Lorel sent me the 'Extra Volume Collagen' as I'd won it after filling in a survey (not that I remember doing it! -I do so many of those things without thinking!)

It would have been extra brilliant if I hadn't only just bought a new one! grrrr!

O well, it's not like it won't get used!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Last night I had a breakdown

I'd had an emotional day anyway, I'd had a hectic day a work and was feeling extremely exhausted.

I got home and got changed, while taking my top of I noticed a mark across my stomach, it resembled a very big stretch mark, I was not happy! I've not had kids, or gained weight to my knowledge, in my state I was thinking 'well I was pretty bloated the other day' so I had a bit of a cry that was needed anyway due to the stressful day. Later on I looked again, it was gone, turned out it was just a mark where my top had been tucked into my skirt and had left a sort of print.

oh it's funny looking back but I was traumatised!