Monday, 19 October 2009

Baby it's cold outside...

Wow, winter's well and truly on it's way!
It's so cold! -doesn't help that I'm at my mum's at the moment, it's always cold here!

Though strangely this year it's making me excited about Halloween, fireworks, my birthday and Christmas coming. Usually I just get all depressed and think about how I miss the summer!

I do need to get some winter clothes though, I have literally no-thing, not a thing! I just find it hard to get motivated. Shopping for summer clothes is so easy, everything is cute! I tried looking in town earlier but all I got tempted by was a new nail polish!
Not a great start.

Must try harder.

On another note, is it wrong I'm slightly tempted by this....

I can't work out if it will actually be any good at all? hmmmm

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