Monday, 20 July 2009

A little bit of random

Firstly, don't you just hate it when magazines advertise something and when you look for it you can't find it anywhere?! I've gone all the way through the Oli website (I've had this problem with Oli before! grr) to find this dress and it's nowhere to be seen!

But it's probably for the best, I'm just spending money when I shouldn't be. Just because I earned a lot of commission last month doesn't mean it's there to be spent -so I'm told!

Works been going well, it's been stupidly busy!  I'm still having daydreams about a certain girls head exploding.

I have such an urge to go out and buy make up, I want to know how good the Loreal Studio Secrets stuf is...

Edit: Oh I've found it! (the dress) It's not as nice on the model anyway. All that hard work for nothing!

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