Monday, 13 July 2009


Ambre Solaire Fake Tan for the face - I don't like sun on my face, I am all about SPF50 face creams. After wearing a hat most of the time in Mexico my face is much lighter than the rest of me, so this baby is working a treat to even things out a bit!

Dairy Milk with Crunchie bits -I'd forgotten how more-ish it was! The BEST chocolate. 

Going back to work after holiday -As much as I miss the Mexican sunshine, I'm loving the big squeals of excitement and hugs from everyone! I love the attention! and it's nice to know I was missed!

Jiving -Jive classes have been so fun, it's been great getting the dancing shoes on. I'm getting rather good at it now! 

Life planning -some exciting things ahead!

My Mum -not only did she re-decorate and de-clutter my room while I was away, she kept a load of tacky mags for me so I can catch up on the celeb world! ♥ Trooper!

(hate's a strong word, more like disliking)

The Wind -it looked nice outside today but that wind is COLD!


Men with their tops off when the slightest hint of sun comes out - I'm all for the body confidence, but I don't want to see it... plus I'm jealous I can't do the same! 

Friday, 10 July 2009

Well I never

I know it's been a while, I got back from holiday on Monday and have been non-stop since. I shall update about the holiday soon.

But in the mean time, check these babies out...

Usually at festivals I don't bother with wellies, firstly they don't have a heel and I just feel stupid in them! So I generally opt for an old pair of 4" heeled, knee high boots -Now you may say it's not practical but the heels stick in the mud which ensures no slipping over! Don't knock it till you try it!

For years I've said they should do wellies with a heel, and now they do... if only they were that little bit higher...