Tuesday, 2 June 2009



Feel like I still need some more shoes,

Still haven't found a plain white dress,

Love love love this weather!

have seen far too many people in (F)Ugg boots!

Am really looking forward to my holiday to Mexico!

Keep googling things about my holiday, fuelling the excitement,

Am finding Calvin Harris more attractive, but I think it's down to his twitter updates...

Still need to do more holiday shopping...

Can't find the perfect suncream that smells nice,

Can't help thinking that 4 books for 2 weeks isn't enough...

Need to spend my £55 of boots points,

Am planning a lot of bbqs and picnics this summer!

am getting lazy at blog writing!

1 comment:

  1. Typical about the blog updater thingie. Mine's awful too lol.
    Haha, listing is the war forward for blogs lol!
    When are you going to Me-hii-co?! Bet you can't wait : ) x