Friday, 19 June 2009


I'm in the middle of packing for Mexico, well I say packing, it's more like throwing a load of stuf onto my bed, then getting distracted and trying stuff on! I'm alarmed at how many things I have still with the tags on!
I've got loads of lists written up, and I've sorted out what nail polish to take with me, I've narrowed it down to 7. -is 7 too many? Two of which I got from work, we give them away when clients recommend friends for a shoot. They're pretty good and there's some great neon colours. They're by BYS. We have eye shadows and shimmer pencils by them too, and lip glosses. I haven't tried the shadows but the gloss is good, and the shimmer is ok but does end up smudging quite a bit. I can't work out how you'd buy them online but the easy way is to come to my studio and recommend some friends (but only when I'm there, we get commission for that!) -yea, shameless plug there, I know! I'm working tomorrow so I really do need to get the majority of this packing done tonight. It's not helping that I'm getting tempted by the next day delivery at ASOS.

Oh I need to stop!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

So, Britney...

She was amazing.
Yea, yea, yea she mimed... but to be honest you just don't care cos the show is that great! You don't go to see Britney because of her voice anyway, she's a performer.

We had awesome seats, row 1! Right at the front of the barrier. So we got some great pictures. Mainly of her sexy legs and bum! Everything tied in with the circus theme, there was a circus act before she went on stage and there were rides outside the O2.

I didn't see too many people dressed up, there was one girl we saw dressed in a ringmasters costume -after several jugs of cocktails we just had to have our picture taken with her! We literally ran up to the poor girl going "omgodyoulookamazinglet'shaveapicture!"
My friend Bradley was treating me to lots of cocktails and pizza, even before the concert it was so much fun. Was a really really good night!

Our original plan was to dress as different Britneys but we never got round to organising it. It was ok, we bought Britney top hats when we were there! And we were covered in glitter - especially when I got the button stuck down and was just stood there screeching trying to get it to stop! haha! good times!

Sidenote - How cute are these Alexander McQueen shoes?!

I'm counting down the days to my Mexico holiday and trying to not buy shoes... seriously, I've found more that I want! I just can't stop!

Tuesday, 2 June 2009



Feel like I still need some more shoes,

Still haven't found a plain white dress,

Love love love this weather!

have seen far too many people in (F)Ugg boots!

Am really looking forward to my holiday to Mexico!

Keep googling things about my holiday, fuelling the excitement,

Am finding Calvin Harris more attractive, but I think it's down to his twitter updates...

Still need to do more holiday shopping...

Can't find the perfect suncream that smells nice,

Can't help thinking that 4 books for 2 weeks isn't enough...

Need to spend my £55 of boots points,

Am planning a lot of bbqs and picnics this summer!

am getting lazy at blog writing!