Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Family affair

So I decided to walk home from the station today, nice day and all!

I'm walking along and the woman coming towards me goes 'Jenna!'
It was my chavvy auntie (she's adopted, I feel I need to mention that!)

The convo goes a bit like this :
-oh, hi...
-I was just thinking 'who's that sexy lady coming towards me, (was wearing red heels, little skirt, y'no normal work attire!) oh it's my niece!'
*Funny that, I was thinking 'who is that chavvy woman walking towards me, oh it's my scrounger auntie!'*
-*Nervouos Laugh*
-Where you off to?
-Oh was just walking home from the station, seeing as it was a nice day...
-Yea I'm walking everywhere now, cos I'm not driving anymore...
*Oh yea that driving ban, classy! -am I really related to this?!*
-oh yea.. *I really don't want to be seen talking to you...*
-that's why I'm looking so...
-haha, yea... *REALLY??!!*
awkward silence... *are we done?*
-well anyway, better get going...

Told Mum I'd seen her, apparently she's on her third kid now! I didn't know this, and she's 3! I suppose if I'd cared I would have asked how they all were... maybe she took the hint!


  1. Haha!! Oh my God, that had me cracking up!! - '(she's adopted, I feel I need to mention that!)'

    Oh dear.. There's always one in the family. We have a tree hugging, hippie, delinquent cousin who we haven't seen in two years and she only lives in Brighton! Although I suppose in your case you're not overly fussed about seeing your Aunt!

  2. You are so lucky!

    I wish my chavvy family member was adopted.