Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Shoe rant

I have nothing to blog about, and when this is the case, I turn to shoes.

I have spent a fortune on shoes in the last week, but they are all lovely -of course! And I got some bargains! I got French Connection boots that were £170 for £57 -I almost cried! Good times!

There are some ugly shoes about though, I noticed this today while shopping in Kingston. So many horrible granny-like shoes that look like they're out of the Ladybird section at Woolworths -And all these pointless heels! I know I love my high heels but if its less than 2inches, don't bother! But at least gladiator sandals are being given heels now. THAT I can get on board with!

I know all this nautical stuff is in, but does there really need to be so much rope effect stuf (no, I don't know the name) and canvas used in them?
A lot of the platforms are annoying too, the heel isn't big enough for the platform so the shoe just looks long!

...and don't get me started on brogues and loafers!
At least now that summer's coming people will get rid of those Fuggs now!

OK, I'm done. Rant over

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

New from ASOS...

Well isn't this just lovely....?

Who would pay £16 for a purse like that? It looks like something a kid makes at school!