Monday, 19 January 2009

Things I don't like...

I took a trip to Kingston today, basically cos I was bored and had time to kill.

Wandering around I found a few things that REALLY rather irritate me...

Man Chavs -not just young little chavs who don't know any better, grown men 'bopping' down the street wearing tracksuits falling down with a cap too big for their head. Grow the fuck up!

People that stop in front of you with no warning -it's worse when they are with a buggy, bloody mothers holding up everyone while she tries to calm down little Timmy...

The smell of Makki D's when I've promised myself I'd eat healthy today -mission failed, I'm munching on Salt and Vinegar Mcoys as I type!

Bumping into an ex when I have unwashed hair tied up all messy -this didn't happen but I feared it might, it's just at those moments these kinda things happen.

Charity people bugging you -I barely have money for myself!


New Season clothes coming out when I've told myself I'd budget!



  1. Haha, can never find anything likeable in the sales!

  2. Yea, I never like anything, I always want them out of the way so I can see the new season stuf!

  3. Ahhh, I ran into an ex the other day...

  4. Haha so right! I especially hate when people abruptly stop in front of me. Especially since I'm a fast walker and I end up colliding into them. Bleh.