Thursday, 29 January 2009


Who's been trying to hack into my blog??

I've just had an e-mail reminding me of my details! and it says at the end 'if you have any further questions'

.....umm? why? Everything's on there! There's nothing else to find out!


Monday, 19 January 2009

Things I don't like...

I took a trip to Kingston today, basically cos I was bored and had time to kill.

Wandering around I found a few things that REALLY rather irritate me...

Man Chavs -not just young little chavs who don't know any better, grown men 'bopping' down the street wearing tracksuits falling down with a cap too big for their head. Grow the fuck up!

People that stop in front of you with no warning -it's worse when they are with a buggy, bloody mothers holding up everyone while she tries to calm down little Timmy...

The smell of Makki D's when I've promised myself I'd eat healthy today -mission failed, I'm munching on Salt and Vinegar Mcoys as I type!

Bumping into an ex when I have unwashed hair tied up all messy -this didn't happen but I feared it might, it's just at those moments these kinda things happen.

Charity people bugging you -I barely have money for myself!


New Season clothes coming out when I've told myself I'd budget!