Tuesday, 9 September 2008


It's been a while since I blogged, so...
1. Big Brother.. What was that about?! Who the Hell voted for Rachel?  obviously slow and steady (and boring) wins the race! I was annoyed when Rex went, but then when Sarah did too and it was just Mikey (sympathy vote) and Rachel. At least if Mikey won it would have made sense because he did some thing.. he ate the chili, he danced in the thriller task and he told Nicole what he thought of her. But Rachel.. she did fuck all!

2. The VMA's ...I don't see Russel Brand being welcomed into America again any time soon! I don't believe he got away with it all... funny though!

What was Rihanna wearing?! That boot/shorts/fishnet combo did nothing for her thighs!

I was slightly let down my Xtina too, if she'd actually sung it would've been more of a come back! She looked good though, after having a kid anyway.. I preferred her 50's get-up though.
Pink needs to put some clothes on, though I loved the blue mac!

And didn't Britney look pretty! Big improvement from last time!

We're all planning on going out this weekend, I have a new purple skirt that needs wearing. I've also got some New Look shoes! -They've started doing copies of the cute Aldo shoes (atlantic city) and at £25 a pair I couldn't not try it out, seeing as I was tempted to get the Aldo ones in every colour! I'm sure these will hurt my feet, will have to do some wearing in! We shall see!


  1. I love the tag geordie bitch....... made me laugh!

    Did you know pink's only 29? she looks like she's in her late 30's.

  2. Why didn't she just jump in cab! that take the piss really especially as she would have known max had work. What a retard obviously can't hack the student lifestyle! Hope your feeling less tired now xxxx

  3. i love BB i watch the australian one we had pamela anderson making a guest appearance on it haha but apparently their banning it next year how devastating!!

    winter xo