Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Smartie pants

This girl my mum looks after, Sophie, she looks very cute, has gorgeous blonde curly hair, which I imagine she'll hate when she's older (people were always commenting on my 'lovely curls' ugh) and she seems so innocent.

The other day I was on the computer and I hear her ask my mum if she could go on it, she told her no cos I was on it and 'working' -if you call browsing ASOS working!

Then she came up to me and quietly said "Jenna my Daddy says you have to get off the computer now so I can use it" (I assume she sees her Dad as the voice of reason) of course I said I needed it -cheeky cow. I would have let her go if it wasn't such a blatant lie (ok, well maybe I wouldn't).

Then today, I'm at the computer 'working' and there's a packet of smarties cookies on the desk. She goes "I like these" I'm like "hmmm.. do you" basically giving her the least amount of attention I can. Then she asked whos (somehow I typed 'shoes' there.. whether that's a type of dyslexia or I have shopping on my mind I don't know!) they were and I told her I didn't know, basically cos I know if I told her they were mine she'd want one. -I sound like a bitch but there was one left and I was saving it for when I was going to make a cup of tea later!

anyway, THEN she said "Oh they're mine, I left them here yesterday so I should take them" lying swine! somehow I talked her out of it but what a cheek!

I'm the wrong person to go to, I don't exactly love kids as it is! A nicer, kid-loving person would've let her have it, but not me! It's my sodding cookie! ...hmm, maybe I'm a bit of a child myself!


  1. LOL
    how old is she?!
    as if she said they were her cookies too!!! ha x

  2. also,
    "They're only scary cos they're hairy" made me laugh so much! they must have known it could be some kind of innuendo!! i even sent the quote to my friend. just the quote!!

  3. Little lying cow.

    Christ if she's like this now, whats she going to be like when she's older.

  4. Oh my god, how sneaky and manipulative! children are horrible.
    P.s I love the way you've made up lack of internet by writing loads of blogs!! xx

  5. She sounds ingenious! If she can think that quickly at 4, imagine what sort of shit she'll get out of when she's older!!!
    I don't condone lying at all but you've got to give her her dibs!