Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Get Carried away...

I've just read that the DVD of Sex and the City is out on 22nd sept!
That's come round well quick!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Magic moments...

I know Girls Aloud can wear ANYTHING (bitches!) but these dresses look like they're made from Quality Street wrappers!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Room 101

One of my favourite conversation starters, along with 'Who would you invite to your celebrity dinner party?' (some of mine being Simon Cowell, Jeremy Clarkson, Alan Carr, Katie Price, and Gok Wan..)
But these are the things I would like to go into room 101....
1. Rain...Well, it's just nasty isn't it? I know I know 'without rain we'd have no water.. bla bla bla..' you know what else we wouldn't have? Shit hair!
We wouldn't have to worry about carrying a brolly (ooo I sound just like my nan!) Or to get a new coat so you own one with a hood. We could plan BBQs, picnics etc without having to say 'weather permitting' oohh wouldn't life be just peachy?!

2. Orange...
The colour, I've always hated it. Always. It's just ugly, it doesn't go with anything, you look like a pumpkin wearing it and is just plain eugh!
and Coral is NOT orange.
Glad I cleared that one up.

3. Swans...
They're protected by the Queen. And they know it, they swan (hehe) about with their heads all high as if to go 'I'm a swan, you're not a swan, aww poor you, and if you want to hurt me you can't because if you do it's off with your head!' They're the bitchy american cheerleader of the bird world. They need to be knocked off their high feathery horses. I think we could do without them.

4. Footless Tights with Shorts & Flip-flops
Ugh, now this annoys me, firstly if its warm enough for flip flops and shorts, its warm enough to go without the tights! And if you'e going for the "I havent shaved my legs" excuse, it wont fly with me, we can still see your ankles! just put on some jeans!

Any one else wanna throw something in...?