Friday, 25 July 2008

Oh (icing) Sugar!

Well ,the kitchen was covered in icing sugar -that stuf is a pain! Too thin,too thick,too thin too thick... ugh, took me ages to get it right!

Experimented with the colours though, got a nice purple after mixing my pink and blue ones together, adds a certain something I feel. And they all look extra cute with the hundreds and thousands on top!

Been listening to Now 70 (the best Now CD I've heard in ages, usually I hate most of the songs on them) while making them all and dancing round the kitchen.

Picture the scene:
Me in Pj shorts and a vest top,
hair tied up all messy,
flour across my cheek,
holding the mixing bowl in my arm (while mixing of course)
and grinding away to 'low'
-not the gangster style Flo Rida had in mind!

Cakes look good, yet to taste them though.

I'm knackered now. And I've still got to cook dinner!
Ugh this housewife malarkey is TOUGH!

1 comment:

  1. Haha. I was going to make Now 70 for the party tomorrow by downloading all the songs but now I don't have to bother!

    I'm excited. IWANTCAKE. x