Thursday, 31 July 2008

I'm going to have a moan..

I feel I'm allowed once in a while, seeing the circumstances.
I'm just fed up.
I'm sick of other people with their little problems and moping about. When I try my best to look happy and put on the fake smile all the time when really everything is going wrong.

I have no money,
I have no job to get money,
I'm not well enough to get a job to get money.

I can drive well enough to book a test.
I cant actually book a test with no money.
Doing lessons is a waste of time as I can already drive.
But if I leave it too long I'm sure I'll forget and get shit at it.
I need to book my test soon while my knee sort of works.
If not I'll leave it so long I wont be able to pass a test at all.

I have shit loads of forms to fill in and don't know where to start,

I'm shopping more than I should just to keep me sane,
-this is running up debts

My family have all left me to go sunning in Spain.
I'm only getting texts bragging about how nice it is.
Then they wonder why i don't reply.

-I can't do anything myself.

I'm finding it all much harder than I should

But yes, I do have a lovely boyfriend and great mates, but sometimes everything else just gets way too much, y'no?


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  2. :( poor Jenn. I know u don't like to make a big deal about it but ask Jenni, she was telling me bout free driving lessons and driving tests you can maybe get.
    It might help, who knows you might even be able to get a free car x x x

  3. do a blog about your new shoes to cheer yourself up. and i want to see these bargain buys! lol xx