Sunday, 28 December 2008

You WHAT?!

I heard a girl say the strangest thing today, it just wasn't right

"No, I don't need any shoes"

...when do you need shoes?
You just buy them, you don't need an excuse!


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Time of Death: 21.44

O M fucking G!

So last night was a sad sad time.

My straighteners of 5 years.... broke.

Yes, I am traumatised.

They plummeted to their death after falling off my desk.

They still heat up but are only held together by a thin wire. I don't have £100 to spend on new ones...not with the sales on their way!


Saturday, 13 December 2008


Please can I look this good when I'm 39...?
I still prefer her to Angelina 

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I'd like to thank the academy....

"Thank you, thank you! For my first award, best dressed, I'd like to thank all the writers of the crappy magazines I read every week to inspire me to shop, without you I wouldn't know where to spend my money. For best RAF (recommend a friend -it's the commission shift) Firstly I like to say, Lucie -put that in your pipe and smoke it! Secondly, I just want to thank my mum for teaching me to speak, since that day I haven't stopped. Speaking and shopping has got me where I am today."

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Holidays are coming...

Well the coca-cola advert has sealed the deal, Christmas is on it's way!
and thanks to the red cups in Starbucks and Christmas songs I'm feeling festive!

I'm looking forward to giving the presents after Xmas dinner with my mates like we did last year, us girlies making Christmassy biscuits! (I'm thinking gingerbread this year!) and getting dressed up really pretty! We're all going to make the dinner -not faff about for hours like Andy did last year! We'll keep it simple with some stick-the-oven M& S jobbie and get merry on mulled wine!


AND I've started the Xmas shopping, I have 2 presents! ...and some wrapping paper (what?! I'm getting there!) and I bought some shoes for myself when I got home, just cos I can!

Don't you just love Christmas?!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Hollyoaks: Later

Did anyone watch Hollyoaks later last night?

I love how they get to swear in it! It's like seeing a dog walk on it's back legs! When Chris put his finger up at his brother I felt the whole of the student community in England collectively go 'eeeeyyy!' As if a goal was being scored for England!

And the sex scenes! More importantly Mercedes in the toilet with the random! I think they were going for passionate but it looked more like she was furiously trying to climb up him! It was more amusing than sexy!

It's one of those addictive shows though, and I'm sure I'll watch it all week!

Friday, 31 October 2008

I'm a mouse, DUH!

I swear sometimes I look forward to Halloween more than Christmas!

I've been putting fake blood (and then nail varnish as the blood looked pink) all over my Ann summers hold ups! I couldn't be bothered to go out and buy some other ones. It pained me to do so but I haven't worn them in ages anyway

There's a bar tab to be won for best dressed, I hope one of our group wins it! We are going to look amazing after all!
Last year it was a last minute thing, we just threw some fake blood on an old school uniform, this time we're going all out!

I've gotta finish sorting my outfit really...

Friday, 24 October 2008


There's something wrong with this picture right?
It's not just my eyes going funny is it?

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Alright my lover!

How funny is the new Rice Krispies advert?! That kid makes me giggle!
It's like a little Justin Lee-Collins!

Good times!


Oh what a great morning it is, I went on to ASOS and typed in the code for that dress I wanted that went in the sale but not in my size, basically just checking on the off chance... and its there! Size 10 .. in the sale! Wooo!

I hope it's as nice as it looks now after all these mind games!

Monday, 20 October 2008


'There is a fine fine line between
confidence and arrogance'

Saturday, 11 October 2008


Ahh! I went to La Senza today, I was in the mood to spend a stupid amount of money on underwear. There are 2 bras I like, coming to about £70 altogether including matching pants and some extras. One wasn't in stock at all and the other wasn't in my size. Annoying. So I come home to finish the shopping trip online and one of them is out of stock there too! How irritating! But... their loss...well, 'til it's in stock anyway!

Also, I saw someone wearing the gorgeous boots I want today.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Sharp, sweet moves!

I went over my sisters last night. My niece was having a birthday party, so there was a hall FULL of kids dancing, running about, screaming and getting excited by the smoke machine. I may be bias but my nieces were the prettiest there! They all had a dancing competition, 'girls VS boys' and they huddled beforehand to work out what they were going to do. I heard the guys 'pep talk' One of them was going "Right guys, you know what to do SHARP, SWEET MOVES!" It made me giggle. It worked though, cos with their 'sharp sweet moves' they won!

A few of the girls went back to my sisters with us for a sleep over. After all those sweets ,they weren't going to be sleeping any time soon! It was amusing hearing the dramas though 'Katie's banged her head' 'Olivia's crying' 'Lola's falling asleep and we don't want her to'. Reminded me of the sleep overs I used to have as a kid. Ah, those were the days!

They had a packet of Hannah Montana sweets which were in the shape of 'guitars' -well, they didn't look like guitars to me! More like a certain part of the male anatomy! I know Miley Cirrus is a slutbag but making young girls eat little phallic guitars is JUST. WRONG!

My brother in law had a bit to drink and found the whole thing hilarious. 'They're fighting over them! No girls one each! You can only handle one' -Thankfully they had no idea what he was on about!

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Body Pro, Body Con...

I'm liking the Body Con dresses at the mo, but can't help wondering if I'd look to hippy in them -as in my hips looking really wide, not the old Alanis Morrisette look!

I suppose I'll just have to try one on and find out.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Smartie pants

This girl my mum looks after, Sophie, she looks very cute, has gorgeous blonde curly hair, which I imagine she'll hate when she's older (people were always commenting on my 'lovely curls' ugh) and she seems so innocent.

The other day I was on the computer and I hear her ask my mum if she could go on it, she told her no cos I was on it and 'working' -if you call browsing ASOS working!

Then she came up to me and quietly said "Jenna my Daddy says you have to get off the computer now so I can use it" (I assume she sees her Dad as the voice of reason) of course I said I needed it -cheeky cow. I would have let her go if it wasn't such a blatant lie (ok, well maybe I wouldn't).

Then today, I'm at the computer 'working' and there's a packet of smarties cookies on the desk. She goes "I like these" I'm like "hmmm.. do you" basically giving her the least amount of attention I can. Then she asked whos (somehow I typed 'shoes' there.. whether that's a type of dyslexia or I have shopping on my mind I don't know!) they were and I told her I didn't know, basically cos I know if I told her they were mine she'd want one. -I sound like a bitch but there was one left and I was saving it for when I was going to make a cup of tea later!

anyway, THEN she said "Oh they're mine, I left them here yesterday so I should take them" lying swine! somehow I talked her out of it but what a cheek!

I'm the wrong person to go to, I don't exactly love kids as it is! A nicer, kid-loving person would've let her have it, but not me! It's my sodding cookie! ...hmm, maybe I'm a bit of a child myself!

Spider in the bath...

I've soaked the bathroom, there was a spider in the shower, at first it was ok cos he was just sat there in the corner, but then he started moving.
Of course this was when I was all soapy and lathered up. He started walking above me but looked a bit wobbly, I was convinced he was going to fall on me. So I got out, I thought he'd carry on and make it to the other side, but no, he stayed still, yet still wobbly. I stood for a while but really needed to rinse off the bubbles. So I pulled the shower attachment down and tried rinsing there and then, with quick bursts(I was trying to limit the watery mess). Now of course the bathroom is a state! A wet state.

Tuesday, 9 September 2008


It's been a while since I blogged, so...
1. Big Brother.. What was that about?! Who the Hell voted for Rachel?  obviously slow and steady (and boring) wins the race! I was annoyed when Rex went, but then when Sarah did too and it was just Mikey (sympathy vote) and Rachel. At least if Mikey won it would have made sense because he did some thing.. he ate the chili, he danced in the thriller task and he told Nicole what he thought of her. But Rachel.. she did fuck all!

2. The VMA's ...I don't see Russel Brand being welcomed into America again any time soon! I don't believe he got away with it all... funny though!

What was Rihanna wearing?! That boot/shorts/fishnet combo did nothing for her thighs!

I was slightly let down my Xtina too, if she'd actually sung it would've been more of a come back! She looked good though, after having a kid anyway.. I preferred her 50's get-up though.
Pink needs to put some clothes on, though I loved the blue mac!

And didn't Britney look pretty! Big improvement from last time!

We're all planning on going out this weekend, I have a new purple skirt that needs wearing. I've also got some New Look shoes! -They've started doing copies of the cute Aldo shoes (atlantic city) and at £25 a pair I couldn't not try it out, seeing as I was tempted to get the Aldo ones in every colour! I'm sure these will hurt my feet, will have to do some wearing in! We shall see!

Monday, 1 September 2008

Shoes? Where are you?!

I watched BBLB this morning and a TV critic being interviewed had amazing shoes.
They were really high black and (I think) cream patent sandals, I think there was a buckle on them too. I couldn't tell you what she was talking about, I was watching the shoes.
They looked like they could be Carvella or Aldo... but I've started searching through the sites and I just cant find them.
I hate it when this happens!

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Get Carried away...

I've just read that the DVD of Sex and the City is out on 22nd sept!
That's come round well quick!

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Magic moments...

I know Girls Aloud can wear ANYTHING (bitches!) but these dresses look like they're made from Quality Street wrappers!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Room 101

One of my favourite conversation starters, along with 'Who would you invite to your celebrity dinner party?' (some of mine being Simon Cowell, Jeremy Clarkson, Alan Carr, Katie Price, and Gok Wan..)
But these are the things I would like to go into room 101....
1. Rain...Well, it's just nasty isn't it? I know I know 'without rain we'd have no water.. bla bla bla..' you know what else we wouldn't have? Shit hair!
We wouldn't have to worry about carrying a brolly (ooo I sound just like my nan!) Or to get a new coat so you own one with a hood. We could plan BBQs, picnics etc without having to say 'weather permitting' oohh wouldn't life be just peachy?!

2. Orange...
The colour, I've always hated it. Always. It's just ugly, it doesn't go with anything, you look like a pumpkin wearing it and is just plain eugh!
and Coral is NOT orange.
Glad I cleared that one up.

3. Swans...
They're protected by the Queen. And they know it, they swan (hehe) about with their heads all high as if to go 'I'm a swan, you're not a swan, aww poor you, and if you want to hurt me you can't because if you do it's off with your head!' They're the bitchy american cheerleader of the bird world. They need to be knocked off their high feathery horses. I think we could do without them.

4. Footless Tights with Shorts & Flip-flops
Ugh, now this annoys me, firstly if its warm enough for flip flops and shorts, its warm enough to go without the tights! And if you'e going for the "I havent shaved my legs" excuse, it wont fly with me, we can still see your ankles! just put on some jeans!

Any one else wanna throw something in...?

Thursday, 31 July 2008

I'm going to have a moan..

I feel I'm allowed once in a while, seeing the circumstances.
I'm just fed up.
I'm sick of other people with their little problems and moping about. When I try my best to look happy and put on the fake smile all the time when really everything is going wrong.

I have no money,
I have no job to get money,
I'm not well enough to get a job to get money.

I can drive well enough to book a test.
I cant actually book a test with no money.
Doing lessons is a waste of time as I can already drive.
But if I leave it too long I'm sure I'll forget and get shit at it.
I need to book my test soon while my knee sort of works.
If not I'll leave it so long I wont be able to pass a test at all.

I have shit loads of forms to fill in and don't know where to start,

I'm shopping more than I should just to keep me sane,
-this is running up debts

My family have all left me to go sunning in Spain.
I'm only getting texts bragging about how nice it is.
Then they wonder why i don't reply.

-I can't do anything myself.

I'm finding it all much harder than I should

But yes, I do have a lovely boyfriend and great mates, but sometimes everything else just gets way too much, y'no?

Friday, 25 July 2008

Oh (icing) Sugar!

Well ,the kitchen was covered in icing sugar -that stuf is a pain! Too thin,too thick,too thin too thick... ugh, took me ages to get it right!

Experimented with the colours though, got a nice purple after mixing my pink and blue ones together, adds a certain something I feel. And they all look extra cute with the hundreds and thousands on top!

Been listening to Now 70 (the best Now CD I've heard in ages, usually I hate most of the songs on them) while making them all and dancing round the kitchen.

Picture the scene:
Me in Pj shorts and a vest top,
hair tied up all messy,
flour across my cheek,
holding the mixing bowl in my arm (while mixing of course)
and grinding away to 'low'
-not the gangster style Flo Rida had in mind!

Cakes look good, yet to taste them though.

I'm knackered now. And I've still got to cook dinner!
Ugh this housewife malarkey is TOUGH!

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Fake Louboutins!!

In the paper today they were telling you how to fake Christian Louboutin's!

It should not be done!

They were telling you to buy the cheap ones from New Look and paint the sole red with nail varnish!!
It's. just. plain. wrong!

I can imagine seeing a load of chavs walking round in them now. Ugh I dont wanna even think about it.

If you see anyone out like this give them a slap!

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Here's a tip...

If you're already feeling pretty crap about yourself, don't agree to have your photos taken at a photo shoot..

..Especially with your friend who looks so great in all her pictures, she has a collection building up!
It just makes you want to go home and hide under your bed forever... or just cry and eat Chinese that your boyfriend got you to cheer you up! He's had a tough couple of days trying to make me feel better, bless him.
I ate so much yesterday, yumyums, biscuits, crisps, left over Chinese... total comfort food.

Today I've gotta snap back to reality. No more moping. Though I'm shattered because I couldn't sleep because I kept thinking bout the bloody viewing and how shit I looked in all the pictures. It was devastating! All posed pics (I hate that kind of photography!) and I couldn't have looked more uncomfortable.
Photographers are liars 'wow! you look amazing!' Bollocks, I looked like a retarded whale with a deformed face!

My part of the viewing was over pretty quickly (but not quick enough) just going through each pic going 'No, No, No, No...' The only bits that looked nice were my shoes! I just wanted a pic of them!
Trying to choose just one free one was hard enough, while my friend struggled between all her stunning pictures. I was laughing at my pictures but really I wanted to run out crying but decided that would cause a scene so I waited til I was off the train.

It wasn't all bad, the shoot was fun, just wish I didn't have to see the results. And I've now learnt that
1. I shouldn't wear sh0rt skirts anymore
2. Satin is not a good fabric when your a fatty
3. I need to get in the gym
4. I own some beautiful shoes
5. My face needs some sort of surgery or I'll never get over all this.

Yep, this was a depressing one, but I'm allowed a moan every now and again.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Hair-do Hair-dont

I don't know what to do with my hair. I've got some serious roots going on and it needs sorting! But I feel like a change, maybe going a little darker than usual, like this....? Or this.....?

Or Maybe even this?

I just don't know!

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Shopping is my cardio

Well I went shopping yesterday to cheer myself up. It worked! I was so tired afterwards though! I did a LOT of walking! I hardly needed to go to the gym afterwards really! I swear, I built up a sweat just carrying the bags! I'm making it sound like I bought loads but I only got some jeans, some shoes and some make up that I well didn't need but there was a picture of Penelope Cruz with her eyes looking all smoky and nice that made me want it (AND the fact that I got extra points on my boots card just swayed it for me! I'm terrible in there!). I was carrying my gym stuf and my normal bag too. I really should stop spending money that I don't have! But there's so much about that I like! I just can't help it! There's new Benefit stuf I want too! I think I may take a trip out just to get one of the Benefit girls to try it out on my and see if I like it, that's if they're in the mood to do work, most of the time they seem like they well can't be bothered!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Procrastination Station

So, another way to pass the time!
As if Myspace and Facebook wasn't enough! I just can't get enough of it!