Friday, 9 April 2021

March Favourites

I've realised that I keep looking at each month as my 'new normal'. There seem to be constant  big changes and I guess it's been nice to separate it all and take everything in small pieces. It could all be very overwhelming. M went back to school after having a year off, he's settled back in like a dream. It was a bit weird for me to adjust, homeschooling has been a big thing in my routine for the last year and although I don't do school runs myself, I go in the car with him and sort everything for both of the kids in the morning. Little M is not-so-happy about not having her brother around and there are tears each morning but that was to be expected. She'll get there. 


As I mentioned in the February favourites  post, my health hasn't been great. This month has been full of tests, pretty scary meetings with doctors and planning for the future but it's all working towards things getting easier in the long run. I've been absolutely overwhelmed by the love from friends and family and also everyone online too. My insta-fam have been absolute angels and have kept me going. People knock social media but I've had such a great support and advice from people I now consider friends. That has been a huge thing for me this month, I've really felt the love and it's helped me through a very tough time. I'm sure I'll go into this all in more detail at some point soon, in the meantime let's focus on something more upbeat and look at my March favourites.

What I wore-
It's Springtime and I'm thrilled! I am always keen to get out the Spring wardrobe, in fact I didn't even pack it away last year as we were inside most of the time anyway so I wore shorts and vest tops a lot. Typically, although it's Spring, there have been some chilly days (hello... snow flurries the other day? what was that about?) so layering has been key. For me this is a combination of crop tops and shirts. 


What I ate- 
As I mentioned, I've been feeling the love massively. My wonderful friends know my love for Millies Cookies and sent me a giant one. Honestly, I was dancing around the flat (nothing new there to be fair, I dance a lot!) I was so happy. It went very quickly, I can tell you that much. 


What I read-
Anything and everything to do with all this health stuff. Lots of research. I still haven't finished the book I was reading last month, but I have a feeling I'll have plenty of time to read it in April.

What I bought-
Things needed brightening up and I love a striking nail shade so I picked up this lovely little neon nail polish from Revolution. IT was only £4 so I'm definitely going to check out more of their shades. 


What I watched-
It's another 'social experiment', my favourite type of show to watch. The Circle. I've been a big fan since series one and after the celebrity version was over in a flash, I was ready for the original format. It's all about using your online personality to become popular and win the show. Some go in as themselves, some are playing a character and they're all trying to suss each other out. Personally, I would like Andy to win but there are a few of them playing a very good game. 

What I used-
My hair has really suffered lately, it really wasn't taking in the nutrients it needed so I've been using hair masks and have swapped my conditioner to the SOS Kiss of Life conditioner by Aussie. It's recommended for damaged hair and repairs and restores without having to leave it on for ages. My hair certainly feels a lot softer after using it and it smells good too. 


The next month is going to be BIG for me. We are talking life changing.  It's going to be a big challenge and a lot for me to get through but I'm trying to keep positive and power through the way I usually do. I'm resilient, I have incredible people around me and I know I can get through this. See you on the other (helpfully less cryptic) side!


Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Revolution Neon Nail Polish

My two year old likes to play with my nail polish. I guess a box full of little colourful bottles looks exciting to her. She actually helps me pick a shade from time to time, other times she just rummages around, naming colours (red, pink etc, not like 'bewitching coral' or ballet slippers'.. not yet anyway.)
  But one day the inevitable happened; one of those brightly coloured glass bottles fell to it's death. I was less bothered about the pink stain on the floor than the fact that this was a polish I couldn't replace. Models Own polishes haven't been in circulation for a couple of years now and they were my go-to when it came to Summer brights.

This casualty in particular was 'Bubblegum' from the Neon Ice collection of 2013. A shade that gets a lot of wear in the warmer months. It's been buried under various dusky pinks, nudes, greys and navy's that have taken preference while it's been a bit grey outside. 

We're heading into Spring now and I'm already thinking of brightening things up a bit so I made it my mission to find a replacement. 

Luckily, on a trip to Superdrug to pick up a few essentials (Imperial Leather peach-scented shower gel and some cotton buds, if you must know) my eyes were drawn to the neon bottles of nail polish on the Revolution stand. 

I admit, I haven't tried a great deal from Revolution, and their nail polishes had never crossed my mind so I'm glad I noticed them.

 "One of these could be the answer to my prayers..." 
I thought to myself, dramatically.

 For £4 it was worth a shot anyway!


There were six shades to choose from. I immediately disregarded the yellow, green and purple (though the purple is very nice and I may have to go back for it!) and took a closer look at the three shades, 'Boom Boom', 'Sizzle' and 'Bang On'.
'Boom Boom' was a neon orange, where Model's Own's 'Bubblegum'  was more pink toned, so that ruled that one out. 

Under the bright lights of  the store it was hard to see a big difference between 'Sizzle' and 'Bang on' so I just bit the bullet and sent with 'Sizzle', from memory it looked like it was pretty similar to what I was looking for. 

It turns out I didn't get the shade just right, this is definitely learning more towards coral than pink. I think I'll be going back to pick up to 'Bang On' to see the difference, I suspect it will be more on the pink side and more along the lines of what I was after. I'm interested to compare them, either way because they looked almost identical in the bottles on the shelf. 

I do really love this colour and will definitely be wearing it over the Summer. It's the perfect shade for tanned toes. I'm really impressed with the pigment, it only needed one coat and lasted really well too. A tip for making neon shades really pop is to apply them over a white base. In this case it makes a slight difference but it really is bright when worn alone. These nail polishes are also enriched with avocado oil, which helps to nourish nails while you’re wearing them. It’s worth mentioning they are also 100% vgan and cruelty-free too.


So although this wasn't exactly what I was after, I'm really pleased with my purchase and will definitely be trying out a few more nail shades from Revolution. It was a nice mini adventure anyway, we have to see things this way during a pandemic!


Saturday, 20 March 2021

February Favourites

Yes, we are well into March and I'm only just posting about my February favourites! It has been very hectic with a lot of changes, but better late than never, hey? 
I've still got the Valentine's decorations in the window, after some very good news we had good reason to string out the celebration a bit! ...and yes, we had Valentine's decorations, I am going all out with every type of holiday this year, it's what we need after 2020; I've always been the type that will use any excuse to have a party. 


I'm so excited to be seeing signs of Spring already, I noticed pretty pink blossom starting to bloom outside our flat on a day where we realised that things were about to get 100 times easier for us; it felt like a sign of brighter days to come. I'm feeling positive.

So, I was off to a good start with my January Favourites  (and I will try my best to get the March one up on time!) Although it was a pretty short month, there were a few things I was particularly loving in February. 

What I wore- 
Without going into it too much, I spent a lot of February either in an ambulance, in a hospital or resting so interesting outfits were few and far between. However, one of the ways I pick myself up is to keep my mind off the mundane and keep busy. 
So I did some sorting out, and one thing that takes a while to sort through is my shoe collection! I love my shoes, anyone who knows me will know they are my 'thing'. Photography is another passion so on a day I was due to go into hospital I combined the two and had a little at-home photoshoot. I'm looking forward to getting out the pastel heels more in Spring time. Spring is when my shoe collection gets a time to shine! These court shoes are from Office and naturally, I bought them in every colour. I feel there will be a lot more shoe photos this year.


What I ate- 
I made Sam a big chocolate heart slab for Valentine's day. It isn't perfect, the foil hearts sank a bit and I only had blue icing, it would have looked better in white but going out for icing during a pandemic didn't feel 'essential. But there's Rolos, Maltesers, and chocolate buttons and of course I got to try some. It was pretty fantastic, I have to admit. 


What I read- 
I fully intended to have more time to read but time just got away from me. I'm 2 chapters into a new thriller that I added to my kindle called 'Precious You'. It follows magazine editor Katherine who feels threatened by the new intern which develops into a dark fascination. -A little close to home for me, but I'm persevering! I'm interested to see how the author focuses on the age divide between millennials and the older generation and how manipulative women can be. It's already pretty gripping, I just need to make more time to finish it. 

What I bought-
My daily make-up needed a complete overhaul. I ran out of everything at the same time so I picked up a few Maybelline bits. I just had to try out the much-hyped  Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara. I think there needs to be a proper review of this soon, so keep an eye out for that one. 

With another month before the salons open I'm still sorting out my brows myself so I thought I'd try out a different brow pencil. I have to admit, the Tattoo Brow Semi Permanent 36HR Eyebrow Pencil is... ok. It's nothing to write home about. It does stay put all day, I'll give it that. It's really soft which makes it hard to get a precise point to the tip and I have sharped it loads already so I'm just hoping it holds out til I can get a professional shape and tint sorted. 

A couple of people had recommended Maybelline's Superstay 24hour foundation but that wasn't available, so assuming it had just changed slightly I grabbed the Superstay 30 hour Foundation. It really has amazing staying power, I don't know about 30 hours, I haven't needed my make-up to last that long since my London days. I did find it pretty drying in places and it needed a bit of work with a damp beauty blender to look alright on my skin. I actually picked up a shade that was slightly too dark (no testers- Covid problems!) I'm going to give it another go in the summer when my skin should  be a little more hydrated and is slightly less pale! Maybe adding a drop of liquid highlighter might help too. I won't give up on it just yet. 

On a more positive note I repurchased the Eraser for the 500th time as it is so so good for a high street concealer and really great value. It's really helped me look brighter and more alive while I've not been feeling (or looking!) 100%. They now have a lot more shades available and I went into more detail on the Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser a little while back. 

Lash-Sensational-Sky-High-Mascara-Maybelline-Tattoo-Brow-Semi Permanent-36HR-Eyebrow-Pencil Superstay-30-hour-Foundation-eraser

What  I watched-
Rather smugly, I felt very ahead of the curve with Married at First Sight Australia. It's been my not-so-guilty pleasure for the last 3 series and I was so pleased that the rest of the UK got into it, I had more people to talk about it with. I love anything that dubs itself as a social experiment. People fascinate me and analysing behaviour is my jam. For anyone not aware, singles apply to the show and 'trust the process' to get matched up by specialists after going through tests to find their perfect match. Then they meet on their wedding day and see how they get on as a married couple. This series was full of drama and so good to watch. Pre-loved up with children Jenn would totally have applied! I'm actually convinced Sam and I would get matched up if we applied separately. Get it back on All 4 if you like this kind of thing.

What I used-
Winding down and properly taking the time to do my skincare routine routine is the one thing that is the same each day for me. I mix up my products a bit but it's the one time (two if you count the evening too, I guess!) I take 15 mins to just zone out. I've been using Bioderma Sensibio Mild Cleansing Foaming Gel each morning to gently cleanse my face before I start the day. Developed specifically for sensitive skin types, it’s ultra-hydrating properties soothes and hydrates to leave skin feeling soft, fresh and comfortable after use.
 It's as gentle as splashing my face with water but I know it's removing any traces of oil that may have appeared overnight. The pump on the bottle disperses the gel which quickly turns to a light foam when smoothed over damp skin. It feels so refreshing and light so it makes for the perfect start to my skincare routine.


March is off to such a good start! I can't even describe how much better things are already! It really feels like life is starting to go back to normal. I'm seeing March as a kind-of interim to my new normal. My new normal is going to be a big change but all for the better.