Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Sleek Into The night Collection

Sleek are a brand that are smashing it this year. You might have seen their My Face My Rules campaign which was so empowering by encouraging us to basically do what the hell we like with our make-up! 


Their limited edition 'Into the Night' collection has just launched and I am so thrilled with the products, they are perfect for creating festive party looks and you can chose to be as bold as you want to be with this little lot.

As always with Sleek there are super affordable pieces which are brilliantly pigmented and long lasting. I've got the new collection along with a couple of extra bits from Sleek which work brilliantly together, especially for the festive season.

The first product to catch my eye was the i-Lust Into the Night Eyeshadow Palette - Bronze. I was actually opening this while dancing away to a 'Boyband' playlist and during a wonderful duet with A1 I stopped my chair dancing momentarily to 'ohh' and 'ah' over the gorgeous golds in the palette. 

  It's nice and slim and there's a little brush in there too, along with a decent sized mirror. You've got 4 metallic golds, and 2 deep black shades to play with, each of which has a cream shadow with a hint of sparkle which I find really easy to blend with your fingers quickly if you're in a bit of a rush. 

The mixture of pressed and baked powders make them easy to combine and build with to create a festive, golden smokey eye. There is another palette with more of your traditional smokey shades, dark greys and beautiful sparkly silvers. At £7.99 it's well worth picking one up. 


I adore the highlighter powder in the Face Contour Kit (£7) which is super useful for adding a subtle bit of sparkle and sculpting those cheekbones. Not actually a new addition to Sleek, but great for a party look nonetheless. The light shade is perfect for me as I'm a bit of a contour amateur to be honest but there's a medium and dark shade if you want a more striking look. The contour shade in this one is perfect, it's not too dark or orange and blends well too. It's a really compact er... compact so great to keep in your bag or desk drawer for those work nights out. 


Next, the Strobe Dome is not something I would have picked up usually, but I am glad I tried it as I love this little dome shaped highlighter. Having a rounded top makes applying it so simple, you just sweep it over the skin and lightly blend in. It doesn't feel tacky, something I can often find with a cream highlighter but it blends effortlessly into foundation as well as on clear skin. I have the pink shade but it isn't too pink at all, it's a lovely natural shade which gives you a great glow that I personally think works day to day. There's a more golden shade available too. It's £7 and will make a perfect little stocking filler at Christmas.


Another great addition to Sleek's collection is the I-Art Precision Liquid Eye Colour. If you want something to last the night without any fall out, flaking or smudging these are for you! These just don't budge! I have 'Fauvism' which is a pale golden brown and because of its slim brush it's perfect to use as a liner or all over the lid.


I use the brush to apply and then my finger to blend in a little although they'd be great for the cut crease look that much more talented beauty gurus can go for!

There are 12 shades from pale rose gold to deep jade green and are £6.99 each.


Another total star of the show is the Matte Me Metallic Lip Cream. I have 'Molten Topaz' (swatched in the heart above) and what a perfect Christmas shade this one is! A gorgeous cherry red which applies slightly pinky at first and is easily build up. These are really pigmented and seriously SERIOUSLY long lasting! They're only £4.99 too which is crazy, other brands would charge loads more for something like this! Thanks Sleek for having a broke girls back! The metallic shades are a great way to look like your lips have a little more of a shimmer to them without having to opt for a gloss which often needs more upkeep. I personally prefer matte lipsticks so these are great for me. They're perfect swept over a lipstick too. 

Superdrug have a great selection of Sleek products and you can also order from their website too. Overall I think the i-Lust palettes and Matte-Me Metallic lipsticks are the best place to start!

*I was kindly sent these products from Sleek but all thoughts are my own


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Essie Galaxy Metal Collection and GIVEAWAY!

It's been  a while since I did a nail post but I'm back with a (Big) Bang -tenuous astrology link there with Essie's new Galaxy Metals collection. They've got 6 beautiful metallic shades perfect for Winter. These make me think of cold frosty morning but also have a bit of a magical mermaid/unicorn theme that is so popular at the moment. Loving it!


They are such unique shades with a futuristic feel, their reflective particles add something a little special to your winter wardrobe. For me this is great as I'm always in dark shades so a little bit of shine is just what I need to brighten things up a bit. 

Let's have a little look at how they are on the nails then...

Mercury in Retrograde
 A steel blue that goes on effortlessly. Seriously I needed one quick coat and it was opaque! A great change-up from the navy nails I love so much this time of year.


In my Orbit 
You think of metal, you think of silver and this shade gives you nails the Tinman would be jealous of!  As it's a paler shade it's a little thinner and needed two coats.


This shade is s exclusive to Superdrug stores. It's a pretty blue toned pink which will be perfect all year round. It works with the pastel shades of Spring as well as the frosty winter looks.


Out of this World 
This is an another shade that is exclusive shade to Superdrug. How unique is this one? It's just gorgeous! It's almost grey, but the lilac undertones give it this beautiful edge when it catches the light. Stunning. 


Refection Perfection
I can see this being a favourite. It's a blogger-friendly pale rose gold and that creamy formula made it so easy to apply.


Stars Aligned
 This is probably my favourite. A pale yellow gold which is just the most perfect Christmas shade. I think with a glitter over the top this will be stunning!

I find a lot of metallics can be a bit wishy washy but I'm really impressed with the formula of these, with the exception of 'In My Orbit' I only needed one coat and they are super shiny even without a top coat. 

Tall of these shades are all available now at Superdrug stores for £7.99 and 4 shades will be launching at Boots from 22nd November. I have a set of these for one of you lovely lot. Head over to my Instagram and you can win the whole Galaxy Metals collection. 

 *I was kindly sent these from Essie but all thoughts are my own


Sunday, 15 October 2017

Taco Bell in the UK

We've all heard of Taco Bell, right? The name cropped up throughout my childhood, usually from friends who get taken on exotic holidays or American kids tv shows -or y'know, Mean Girls -

"Do you wanna do something fun? Wanna go to Taco Bell?"

"I cant go to Taco Bell, I'm on an all-carb diet, GOD Karen you are so stupid!"


For those who aren't familiar, it's the world’s leading Mexican-style quick service restaurant chain with approximately 6,500 restaurants worldwide and something that until recently the UK was missing. 


The first Taco Bell restaurant was built in Downey, California in 1962  founded by former US Marine Glen Bell, who we can thank for  the wonderfully convenient way to shove shredded chicken or mince in to our mouths with ease as he invented the preformed taco shell in 1951. Cheers Glen!

I was pleased to hear that Taco Bell is becoming a larger thing this side of the pond and I was invited down to the opening of the new Woking store to  taste the food for myself.


Now I admit I am a little bit of a fast food snob, I haven't had McDonalds for as long as I can remember and I usually favour sitting down in a 'proper' restaurant so although 'on paper' Taco Bell didn't seem like a good match for me it was the menu that made me think differently - I love me a bit of Mexican food! 

Taco Bell offers a wide range of Mexican food which is not only really damn tasty but affordable too. You can get a whole meal for about a fiver which is great for those lunch breaks before payday! 


The menu consists of a range of Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas and Nachos along with chips and delicious desserts. All products are available with a wide variety of familiar and tasty ingredients including delicious meats (seasoned beef, spicy Mexican chicken, grilled chicken and slow cooked pork) and blends of real cheeses, crisp shredded lettuce, diced ripe tomatoes and their signature sauces. Of course you can't have a proper Mexican feast without some Guacamole, Salsa, hearty beans and Mexican rice. There's vegetarian options and smaller bites for the kids too - Mason was a BIG fan! 

You can have a quick snack or go for a Big Bell box where you can pretty much try out a bit of everything, -a fajita burrito, crunchy taco, Mexican fries, churros and a drink. It's not just for spice lovers -I'm a bit of a hot food wuss so it's great that you can decide how hot you'd like it.


My favourite has to be their Crunch Wrap Supreme which is a soft  tortilla layered with Mexican chicken, nacho cheese, a crunchy tostada shell, lettuce, reduced fat sour cream and tomatoes - it's as amazing as it sounds!

It didn't have a fast food feel about it, the food is served fresh to order so you won't be eating anything that has been sat out for ages - nobody wants a soggy taco ... (e-hem!) and the restaurant itself is clean and tidy with plenty of seating.  Although it's not fine dining they definitely don't scrimp on the quality, the food is fresh, tasty and really filling. I was pleasantly surprised by the value! 


As a child of the 90s with a mild Slush Puppy addiction I love a blended icy drink so I was really excited to try their  Freezes. At just £1.99 each you can have a strawberry or a lemon flavour and if you're feeling adventurous you can even add white rum or tequila for an extra £1! Summertime picnics in the park are going to be fun I an tell! 

Personally  it's given me another option when I don't fancy a Subway or Boots meal deal for lunch, and is  the perfect place to go after the cinema, during a shopping trip or lunch the morning after a big night out - free fizzy drink refills are always a big plus for me when I have a hangover! With such a big menu for a reasonable price I think Taco Bell is just what we've been missing. 

There are a few more stores opening all over the UK and I can see tacos taking over! ...McDonalds who?!

 *I was invited to try the menu in exchange for an honest review and all thoughts are my own

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