Friday, 20 May 2016

Lush Haul

Now the fact this is titled as a 'haul' isn't strictly true. My brother in law and his girlfriend came to visit and brought me a gift. This made me smile for so many reasons, not just because it was a load of lovely Lush products. I won't  go into it but it made me very happy.

BUT they were spot on and if I had decided to treat myself I would have picked up most of these. They picked very very well!

When it comes to Lush, for me you can't go wrong with anything pink and as you can see they picked mainly pink products - they all smell incredible! I wanted to share a little about the bits they bought me.


Pink Flamingo
Now how cute is this? A little pink flamingo on a stick, what's not to love?! I let Mason use this a couple of times and he loved mixing it around the bath creating the bubbles. I was a little unsure at first as I bought him an 'Iclke Baby Bot' before and he got rather upset as he saw the robot fizz away into the water. It was a rather dramatic moment. But he was fine with this, maybe he feels less attached to the flamingo, I don't know.

You run it under the tap while the bath fills and will it around using the stick and the bubbles appear. It left the skin soft and smelling gorgeous.

The Comforter Bubble Bar
You can't beat a good bubble bar and the Comforter doesn't only smell great but it's a good size too. I make this last 4 or 5 baths. It's fruity and sweet yet calming, is full of lovely soft bubbles. You know the drill. This one is a staple in any Lush collection.

Golden Egg
This one is so glittery! -it gets everywhere. When glitter enters your life it never truly leaves (not necessarily a bad thing, I admit). Once in the bath the glitter disperses and it leaves your bath the colour of an unhealthy wee - there's no other way to describe it! Try not to concentrate on that and focus on how soft the cocoa butter and olive oil leaves your soft skin. The scent is sweet but not sickly and I was worried I'd be really sparkly afterwards but there wasn't actually a lot to show for the glitter side of things if I'm honest.

Think Pink 
Think Pink is one of my favourites. It's one of the cheaper bath bombs so I never feel bad about treating myself to this one. This little pink bath bomb looks so cute with it's pretty flowers - very Spring-like!

Lush describes the scent as 'cheerful and calming' which is perfect. It's a bit candy-like but has a touch of lavender which really soothing.   You get a great surprise (which I'm aware I am ruining a tad for you here!) in the middle, as it dissolves it fills the bath with little red hearts. Adorable.


I love this bath bomb. Pink with stars, it smells gorgeous. It fizzes brilliantly and it looks amazing when it dissolves. This one looked like Pacman, which was so fitting for my brother and sister in law as they are really into their gaming. I was impressed anyway. Little things for little minds and all that...

It's designed to help you sleep and full of lovely calming essential oils. This is one I like to go for when I'm really run down and need time to properly relax and switch off.


All-in-all a gorgeous bag of treats that made my day. You just can't go wrong with Lush. 
Now that I've used them all up I need to take another trip. Feel free to leave your suggestions, I'd love to hear about your favourite Lush products.


Thursday, 5 May 2016

Spring Wish List 2016

The sun is starting to shine more, the council have planted the daffodils along the street, and the white van men have got their tops off as it's over 13 degrees... Spring is here! 

That means it's got me lusting after a whole new wardrobe of florals, pastels and all things pretty.

Have a look why don't ya...

Spring Wish List

1. There are two nail shades I have my  eye on for Spring/Summer. Essie Play Date is a great bright purple which isn't too out-there so it's perfect to add some colour to an outfit. I love a coral shade and Essie Lounge Lover from the new 2016 Spring collection is just on the pink side of coral making it so perfect for Spring! 

2. I'd seen a striped skirt on one of those cheap sites that never end up being anything like the product but I really liked how it looked. I was pleased when I noticed this skirt over at our trusty ASOS. Gorgeous with heels, flats (if you like), t-shirt, vest, sweater, a black top, a white top, hell any colour top!  Have I talked you in to buying it yet?!

3. I love baby blue and Spring is the perfect time to wear it. This playsuit  seems like it would be great on those boiling hot days when you have stuff to do but want to look pretty. You can run around and be breezy. Breezy. 

4. I don't need to say much. Spring = Florals = this skirt. Done.
Optional matching top too if you want to go all out.

5. There's a lot I like about the warmer weather but one of my favourite thing is cracking out the old wedges! My favourite Topshop pair are black and I've decided I need some lighter ones. These nude wedges from ASOS fit the bill perfectly. Wedges seem to last forever I was wearing some today that I bought in 2006 and they are still going strong!

6. For me this is the year of the jumpsuit. Maybe it's my age, maybe I'm having a crisis but recently I've decided 'a jumpsuit is for me'. I could actually do a whole wish list of jumpsuits actually *writes idea down in blogging notebook*. I only hope this white jumpsuit isn't see-through, but again it looks great for running about and getting things done -yep, it is my age, I wouldn't have cared about that in my 20's! I've turned into my mother, maybe she needs a jumpsuit...

7. Ever see something and you can't help but go "OOOOOOOO" ? Well this dress  made me do that. And how couldn't it?! It's just so cute and pretty and I need a reason to buy it now! Somebody get married. 

8. Miss Selfridge is the place I always end up with 'shopping regret' -basically I see something I like, I put it back and then I regret not 
snapping it up there and then. This happened only recently with this floral  jumpsuit that will be perfect for so many things I've got planned over the next couple of months. I need it in my life....and some pale pink heels to go with it. (link me up if you know of any please)

9. A dress that is both strapless and mint was bound to get my attention. I just love the detail on the bust and the colour is dreamy, minty and dreamy.

10. AX Paris goes under the radar a bit for me usually but when I saw this floral skater dress  pop up on my Twitter feed I added it straight to my wish list on Pinterest and errrm... here. A cute length and a lovely lovely colours. Great for BBQ's - especially if you drop ketchup down yourself, nobody will notice! 

I'd love to know what you've been lusting for too! 
Let me know!


Friday, 29 April 2016

Cocoa Brown and 3D Tanning

Long gone are the days where to find a decent fake tan you'd be forking out £30 a bottle for anything decent. The 'budget' end of the market is really shining at the moment. The likes of Barry M, Rimmel and Collection bringing out some excellent products for less than a fiver you can now have a bit of a beauty haul and not feel guilty. I used to be a bit wary of the cheaper tans, I pictured waiting around for smelly tan to dry that would result in a patchy mess but I know now that I was wrong. 

Cocoa Brown is one of my favourite beauty brands. Their Tough Stuff scrub is incredible and I recommend it to everyone. If you have stubborn old tan that just won't scrub off, try it out, trust me!


But today I'm talking about 3 products from their line that can be used together to give you the body you've dreamt of (kind of, anyway!) 

Firstly let me tell you a bit about the products individually  - 

I've touched upon cocoa brown 1 hour dark mousse before and this one is pretty similar. The Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Instant Tan (£7.99) is now in a squirty-cream-like bottle and this one is not in a dark shade like I tried before -though it still leaves you with a great colour.  It applies like a dream and the guide colour makes it really easy to notice where you've been so you can get it nice and even. The tan is ready to rinse off after an hour but leave it up to 3 hours if you're after a deeper tan. 


The Cocoa Brown Matte Instant Tan Bronzing Gel £6.99 is more like tanning make-up.
It's perfect for adding colour before a night/day out when you feel a little on the pale side. Or in my case, when you're tanned everywhere else but your belly is white and you quickly need to make it match as you've decided to wear a crop top. Yea, this product is perfect for that!

It looks pretty dark at first - almost like chocolate! But it soon blends in. Drop a 2p sized amount on to a mitt and blend it in circular motions. It's not sticky and there's no dodgy smell. It dries very quickly so there's no worry of having to wait around for ages before you head out. But you do have to work quickly so blend blend blend! It will stay put until you wash it off in the shower so you can relax and enjoy your freshly tanned skin! 

Now this is the interesting one, Golden Goddess oil (£9.99) is a great alternative to the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse gold shimmer oil and is so perfect for Summer! Used along tanned skin it looks incredible, I'm picturing a bikini, a gorgeous sunset, some cocktails, music and this baby making me look like a superstar... we can dream.

It's basically a dry shimmer body oil used to enhance your tan and give you an all over glow. 
It is really beautiful when it catches the light so apply to any part of your body that you would want to highlight.

There's a little pump that gives you just the right amount for your body, there's nothing worse than tipping out a product and wasting half of it. Now don't be fooled by the word 'oil' -yes it's an oil but that gives me visions of something slippery and greasy. This isn't like that at all, once rubbed in to the skin your skin just feels moisturised, not tacky or greasy in the slightest. You also don't look like a disco ball, the gold shimmer blends in beautifully and you're left with a subtle gold sheen when it catches the light. 

It's fine to use all over so you can apply to the cheekbones,  brow bone, collarbones, down the front of shins, arms... just go to TOWN AND SHINE BABY! 

Now, this is where the magic happens. Time to use these products together. 

Cocoa Brown recently announced Kardashian make-up artist Joyce Bonelli as their brand ambassador. She's revealed a great technique called 3D tanning which is used by Cocoa Brown founder and fabulous business woman Marissa Carter.

It sounds strange but 3D tanning is all about sculpting the body to add silhouettes and luminosity to your skin. I tried this out on my old pins which sadly had to hide away in jeans afterwards as Mother Nature has decided the Sun needs some more time off.

(aren't I so British, complaining about the weather...)

Anyway, here's how it goes. 

  • Step 1. Apply Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan using a mitt to make sure you have a tanned base to work with. 

  • Step 2. Use the instant tan matte bronzing gel to sculpt the legs. Applying the gel down either sides of legs deepens the tan on the sides and creates an optical illusion, slimming the silhouette. Just make sure you blend well to avoid and obvious stripe!


  • Step 3. Use the golden goddess shimmering dry body oil down the shinbone. It highlights and gives skin luminosity. The legs look bronzed, slimmed and lengthened. Now all I need is the sun to come out so I can get some shorts on! 


Not too shabby.

What do you think of the body contouring craze? 
Will you be giving these products a go? 

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