Monday, 5 November 2018

Last minute photo gifts

It's that time of year again, Halloween is over (though didn't it seem to go on forever this year?!) And as I type the fireworks are all fizzing out. X Factor is on Tv and it's the countdown to Christmas, which of course means we need to start Christmas shopping. 

 Whenever I'm stuck for a gift idea I always turn to something personalised. You just can't go wrong with something personal, it will mean more to the person receiving it and it always feels like a worthwhile gift. 


This is made so simple now that there are more options on the market. Gone are the days where you would just have to stick a photo to a bit of folded card and write inside or put a picture in a frame - to quote Eddie Izzard from the recycling advert - the possibilities are endless!
*wonders how many people will actually get that reference....

Holidays are well and truly coming and I know a lot of you are already wracking your brains over what gift to get that person that has everything. I feel like as we get older we end up treating ourselves to things more and actually don't really know what we want for Christmas. I certainly can't write a long list like I used to. 

I like to be surprised with a gift with some thought put in. I really like giving gifts like this too. I have a sense of satisfaction when I give something that I've thought up on my own and the person receiving it really loves. 
However, this can leave me fretting over what to get and I end up in a last minute panic. Luckily I have a great option at my local Tesco!


Tesco Photo have a great range of same-day delivery gifts available so you can buy an extra special last minute gift for a loved one. You just use their 
express service to get products the same day. Most same day gifts can be collected in store after 3pm if an order is placed by noon.

There's a great selection of products not just perfect for Christmas but  for an anniversary, birthday or just to add something extra to your rooms.

Along with your usual personalised mugs and mousemats there's a range of canvas prints and posters in a range of sizes to brighten up any wall and you can really get creative with them by making a collage if you like. 
I received  this gorgeous picture of Mason and me from a few years ago which I admit I'd forgotten all about. I really love how it looks and every time I see it it reminds me of a lovely day in London we had with our friends and their daughter.


There's an option to order a photo in a frame so the hard work is completely done for you for about £10. There's no hunting around stores with a picture trying to find a frame to suit it. So simple!

Photo blocks are a perfect contemporary addition on any table or mantelpiece. I got these for Sam's birthday to have on his desk. They look really great and they're something a little different. You can order these from postcard size, 8X6" or 10X8" and they can have a black or a white trim. They can also be wall mounted if you prefer.


You can also print out your photos to collect that same day -something  really need to do more of instead of leaving them sitting on my computer or phone. 

What's more, the website is really easy to use; you choose the product you're after and simply upload a photo. You can use their tools to position it how you like to make sure it's perfect. 

Everything is packaged really well in bubble wrap and cardboard so there's no worry of there being any damage in transit. 

You would think that a personalised product would mean there's a long wait and you should have ordered something back in October but thankfully that's not the case. Just order by noon and you can have your order with you by 3pm so you can  pick it up when you do your food shop. If you have enough time to wait a little longer you can have the order delivered to your house which takes about a week.

I think these are a really great idea for Christmas and I'd definitely recommend them.

*these products were kindly sent to me but as always all thoughts are 100% my own


Thursday, 18 October 2018

Autumn Nails shades 2018

I'm often in denial when it comes to the seasons, I love Summer so much I just don't like to admit to myself that it's getting colder. I refuse to turn the heating on til at least late November. 


Up til now I was still rocking the pastels on my nails but while looking for a new shade to replace my pale lilac I actually got rather excited (as excited as one can get over a nail shade) about reaching for some Autumnal shades.

I couldn't decide on just one so I opted for a selection to create my Autumn Nails look. 


Essie are the real champions here, they do neutrals better than most and have some lovely shades that are perfect for this time of year. 

On my little finger I have Essie 'Chinchilly' which is an oldie but a goodie. Such a lovely grey shade that transitions from Summer to Autumn perfectly.

Next to it is Essie 'Knee High Life' a gorgeous pink toned red  and my middle finger is Essie 'Suit and Tied'  a caramel shade from Essie Winter collection which was released at the end of last year.


I added a bit of sparkle to my index finger using Barry M Bronze Bag from their Molten Metal collection - this one is great as it only really needs one coat and you get such a great look. A lot of shades like this need a lot of building up. Plus Barry M polishes are only £3.99 - you can't go wrong!

My thumb has Nails Inc Queen Street although I now notice that isn't really shown in the pics! But it's a pale nude shade which works in any season. 

It won't be long before I really turn to the dark side and go for the deep navy shades that I love so much in winter but this little selection is going to keep me going for the next month or so. 


Wednesday, 3 October 2018

The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums

Being a new mum can be scary. I know when I had Mason I felt very much out of my depth. 
I'd never even held a baby before he was born and that first night alone with him in the hospital was very much a sink or swim situation. None of my friends had babies and I didn't really have any 'mummy friends' at all. To be honest I felt pretty isolated. 


Twitter was a great help for me, I found some women I could relate to. I'm not your typical 'Mumsey' Mum. I admit soft play isn't my favourite place and I'd much talk about Z list celebs and whether I'm too old for ripped jeans than talk about teething. My free time felt so valuable I wanted to make sure I was still keeping a bit of me. Of course this still meant I had a lot of unanswered 'Mum' questions.


There's so many books to guide you through pregnancy but when the baby is finally here you can feel very much thrown in at the deep end. The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums is an excellent little book to reach for when you need that bit of comfort, to know that you've got this. It's written by Alexis Stickland, a midwife, antenatal teacher and mother who has been supporting mums for over 12 years; and Beccy Hands, a doula and remedial massage therapist specialising in pre and post natal well being. That's two women who know their stuff!

Inside this gorgeous book there are some amazing words of encouragement along with advice, recipes, and stretches to help you along the way. It's all written in a way that's easy to understand and relate to. The 'Tips for how not to hate your partner' really made me laugh while it all made a lot of sense too!

The recipes are easy to follow and are for really quick snacks, smoothies and easy to throw together meals. There's a great one for lactation cookies which help to boost milk supply which sound fantastic! I'll definitely be making some of those.

Luckily I had my Mum to turn to when I had questions, she was there when I totally freaked out that I was 'peeing worms' and reassured me that those were my stitches and that was perfectly normal. She was also a great help when Mason did a poo in the bath and I had no idea what I needed to do! Let's just say a toy sieve was a life saver. I definitely felt like this book answered questions in the way my own Mum would - which was really comforting. 

I found  lot of online forums very patronising and magazines seem to mainly speak to Wonder Mums that just didn't seem like me so it's nice there is such a lovely alternative. 


Even though this is my second baby I've made no secret of the fact I feel a little bit overwhelmed by everything. I kind of feel like I'm expected to just pick it all up where I left off... I've done it all before, right? But it's all so different. New 'must have' products, new food to avoid, there's a lot more information on alternatives to drugs during labour. I find it hard to keep up! I still don't know what channel number CBeebies is! I feel a bit like when I took a load of driving lessons and then stopped for a year! I'll always welcome any advice and this has nice little bursts of information that are easy to digest in small parts - we all know we're not going to have time to sit down and read a long chapter when there's a baby to take care of! 

Your journey back to being 'you' can be tough. You doubt yourself and it can be a hard road to recovery. I love how this book helps to ease away those worries, helps to boost your confidence as it answers those questions you might be embarrassed to ask. 

In their own words is covers everything to help you 'feel supported empowered and understood' -which I totally agree with.


The beautiful illustrations by Kay Barker make it all feel more fun and not at all clinical; and the book is just the right size to have on your bedside table for a quick flick through when you need it.


I know this is going to be a huge help when baby arrives. If you know anyone having a baby soon this would make such a great gift for them. My top tip for visiting is bring food (brownies, cookies... a lasagne if you can manage it!) and a gift for Mum - she's been through a lot, both mentally and physically and the baby will be given loads of presents already - trust me, a new Mum will really appreciate something like this!

The Little Book of Self Care for New Mums is out from 5th Oct but you can pre order on Amazon-

*this lovely little book was kindly gifted to me before release but all thoughts are 100% my own